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Chapter 3: Becoming the God of Dullahans

Chapter 3: Becoming the God of Dullahans

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-Protagonist POV-

This is bad...
It doesn't look like this Captain believes me...
What can I say... Cortana any ideas?
Master should pretend to be god and tell her that her sins of holding up arms against master is forgiven.
One way to find out...
"I will forgive thy sins for holding up arms against me, now guide me child so I may bring forth salvation to the world."

. . .
Did she even understand me?
. . .

-3rd POV-

Captain Ciara was stunned, not only has she witnessed the birth of her supposed savior, but she has also been baptized by the supposed savior himself.
The lone man then walked over to the lone knight.

"Has thou understand the words I am producing?" said the man.
"Ye-Yes! I understand your divine eminence." replied the knight.
"Will thou guide me to thy township?" the man continued.
As the knight replied: "As you wish." she bowed to the man.

-Protagonist POV-

It seems that worked...?
Cortana, can you tell me if there is any suspicion from this person?
I detect no suspicion towards Master, and it seems that you have fooled her.
Wait... her?
Yes this being is the female variant of the Dullahan.

I saw that the Dullahan Knight stood up, and started to guide me towards the forests.
Welp, I guess the only way now is to follow her.
So I started to follow the Knight into the unkown woods.