Thursday, 21 July 2016

A little Good News A little Bad News

Hi Everyone.

Death March will be handed over to YenPress and thats that.... is what I thought.
Lets just say bless the fact that I am in Canada.
I will be hiring another translator to translate death march with me!... So I can continue it!....
and no one wants to... yup...

Anyways, I will make "I Died and Became God" as a donation chapter based system.


Q: What is Donation Chapter based system?
A: You pay certain amount per chapter, which means unless people donate, it will not be released.

Q: What about Moon led journey and death march and the super slow everything you do?
A: Well I didnt ask you to be here too, if you want it faster do it yourself or better yet help me?

Q: Don't you get money already from ads or something?
A: Have you seen a single ad here? I tried my best to make this ad-free environment, and when things were looking tough for me, I tried installing ads but by google adsense it was denied. So yeah...

Q: How much will it be per chapter?
A: $2USD/chapter
[Update!: $2USD or $2CAD whichever one is more convenient to you.]

Q: Will I need to pay for death march pdfs/chapters and moon led journey ss?
A: If you want I guess.. but I will be keeping them free.

Q: You know people will hate you for this
A: I already hate myself


  1. well 2USD is cheap, but I don't have visa so that kinda sucks, I want moon led journey ss to be faster but I know its hard to translate and its kinda long

  2. Lol why would we hate you?
    If you find a way to put ads and gain money that way, please do so by all means.
    I don't have PayPal/Visa, so even if it's with indirect links such as or Shortest, I'll gladfully open 1k windows just to help a bit.
    Thanks for your translations!

  3. Please note currency set as CAD not USD at PayPal.

  4. Kyo, you're flirting with danger a little too closely.

    1. My flirtation with danger has gone off the charts
      I might as well marry it at this point.

    2. whens the wedding? <_< (prepares to group message skythewood people)

  5. just donated some to the cause