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Death March 1-7 (Afterword)

Why is the afterword first?
 It's because the author explains what the difference is between the Light Novel and the Web Novel. Hopefully this makes less people comment about how Sousetsuka is already translating Death March (the web novel).

Should you read the Light Novel version?
If you have the time, I recommend you do. Many parts of it will seem familiar, but there are also huge chunks (around 30 pages or more) that don't appear in the web novel.

Should you buy the light novel?
I think you should, if you have the expendable income.

All old chapters from Miaomix's site have been re-edited and will (slowly) move over here.

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 Thank you very much for picking up this book!
 And, my deepest gratitude for those of you who purchased it!
 Nice to meet you, this is Ainana Hiro (愛七ひろ).
 This includes those who have supported the web version. Since it’s the first time we meet on paper, I think this greeting was most appropriate.
 This series “Death Marching to the Parallel World Rhapsody” began its run on the web novel site “Let’s Become a Novelist (小說家になろう)” on March 3, 2013, and after more than six months of daily updates, it is currently being continued at the pace of one chapter per week.
 Fortunately, through the support of many readers and the large amount of reviews encouraging me to continue writing, I was able to gain the favor of Fujimi Shobo (富士見書房) who brought up the matter of publication with me, much to my surprise, which led to the birth of this book.
 In the process of writing this book with the web version in mind, I focused on three things.
 Firstly, “A book that can satisfy readers of the web version”.
 Thanks to the existence of my web readers, I was able to publish this book. After they buy the book, it would be tragic for it to merely sit on their bookshelf.
 Therefore, I didn’t just edit the manuscript, but also added some scenes that can be better enjoyed after reading the web version. Of course, there’s no point to just adding inside jokes, so they are things first-time readers can treat as regular foreshadowing.
 My web readers will definitely want to retort the protagonist and I during various scenes, I hope.
 Therefore, don’t just leave it on the shelf, please do give it a read.
 The second is “A book that’s enjoyable to new readers even if they only read the physical copy”.
 Though it should be obvious, but a series that assumes knowledge of the web version in the first volume is too tough. So I added expositions that people who don’t know “Novelist” memes can understand, and cut down on excessive explanations and dull scenes that dragged on.
 Thirdly, “A book that people will want to read again”.
 Those of you that thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, please do read it once more. There may be some small thing you missed when skimming.
 With these things in mind, I edited parts that weren’t well-received in the web version and added to sections that were well-liked. Under such pressure to make improvements, seventy percent of the content ended up being new material, and the remaining thirty has also been polished, so I think it would be hard to find any section that is still exactly like the web version.
 The are many new scenes, so I really recommend this book to those of you still hesitating.
 Though it was a difficult but enjoyable writing process, it wasn’t always a smooth sailing.
 I originally planned to work on this book during the off-season of my day job, but due to the delay of a project, the result is a hellish situation where it completely overlapped with work on the book.
 I am already used to overtime hell at my day job, but as to whether in this completely new hell, I would be summoned to another world, that shall remain a secret.
 It’s depressing to keep talking about working, so enough about that.
 Finally, words of thanks.
 Everyone at Fujimi Shobo, in particular, my editor Mr. H; Shri-sensei who drew the beautiful illustrations for me; and those involved in the design, printing, and distribution: Thanks so much!
 Then there are my readers: I sincerely thank you for reading this book!

 See you next volume!

 Ainana Hiro


  1. Thanks for the chapter
    Now that this LN were licens*d, would you still translate it?

    1. I just finished checking one of the other posts.

      KyOption said that he will continue it since he lives in Canada, though I'm not sure why those 2 are related besides the fact that YP is American and not Canadian.

    2. A standard book copyright contract deal with a publisher in a country. It's not common for a publisher assume responsibility for the whole northern america continent for the book of a 1st book author. So I assume that TL assume Canada has not been covered yet, therefore are free to do TL.

  2. I only buy Thai license vol 1-3 is it count as support?

    1. if it came from japan directly so it count as support if not you know the drill