Sunday, 5 June 2016

Chapter 1: 5 Easy Steps to Godhood Part 1 w/o tln

Chapter 2: 5 Easy Steps to Godhood Part 2

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WAIT so I don't have any offensive moves?

How will I beat them then?
Currently Master can't.
So I have to convince bunch of headless knights to serve me, whom have no way of defeating them?
Ok, well things just got to Black S**l hard.
Cannot comply, order not recognised.
Anyways, so how close are we to their settlement or whatever?
They have been trailing Master, and is in the process of deciding whether or not to ambush Master.
Since when?
Since the beginning.
Damn it, does this mean they know?
That Master has no offensive capabilities? No. 
Due to the aura Master emits, Master is seen as a huge ball of pure mana.
Okay first, what should I call you?
My call sign is Advisory Skill [Max] at the moment, by Master's will it can be changed in to anything you desire.
Too long, I will call you Cortana.
Call sign changed to CORTANA, yes or no?
I will now be known as CORTANA.
I need you to do something for me.
Can you tell me any lore, story, legend, anything that these Dullahans might have with light, ball of mana, ball of energy, anything along the lines of this.
Yes Master.
There is an overarching theme that one day their lord will descend from above, with overwhelming mana.
The mana does not leak and it is free.
This is good, very good. Cortana, how do I stop emitting this mana.
Would Master like for me turn off your mana emission? Yes or no?
Cortana, I am starting to love you more and more. Yes, thousand times yes.

-3rd person perspective-
"And thy lord shall appear coated with pure spirit energy
which shall roam freely and even without a head it shall be contained.
Serve him as thy lord, as he shall lead thy into salvation...."
whispered Ciara, Captain of the Dullahan Guard unit 3.
"This is Captain Ciara to all units, report back to base and await further instructions, you are to remain in the base as if nothing was wrong until further instructions from me. This may be the last time we talk as I do not wish to stray you from salvation." And with that all other Dullahans rode towards darkness, not making a single sound.
The Dullahan who has sacrificed herself approached the lone figure with caution.

"I am Captain Ciara of the Dullahan Guard unit 3, what is your purpose stranger?"
spoke the Dullahan.
"Why I am here to guide you."
said the lone figure.

-MC's perspective-