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Chapter 1: 5 Easy Steps to Godhood Part 1 w/ tln

Chapter 1: 5 Easy Steps to Godhood Part 1

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In the deep forest, an unarmed lone man walking looks as if he is begging to be robbed, but (un)fortunately for the man this forest was one that no mortal dares to take a step in.

-Protagonist Perspective-

I looked around to see if I can see notice something
Would you like to activate Perception?
Okay now I am talking to myself, great...
Is that a yes or a no?
Wait what? Who are you? and what are you doing in my head?
Hello, I am part of your skill Advisory [Max], where I can provide support anytime you desire.
Okay, can you tell me where I am?
You are in the cursed Forest of Dullahan.
Dullahan... those knights with no head?
Correction, Dullahans usually have their head with them, however it just isn't attached.
Great... my own skill is telling me I am wrong.
I just wish to advise and correct.
Can these Dullahans kill me?
Even if they are vanguards of the Demon Lord's Army. They will not be able to harm you master.
Okay two question, DEMON LORD? MASTER?
Demon Lord does exist in this world however the seat is currently open causing tension among the demon tribes, and master is the owner of the skill, thus you are my owner, thus you are my master.
But... a guy telling me master is quite... NG
How about this voice then master.

The voice changed to that of a cute girl

For now that is fine... anyways tell me how I can die.
Insufficient Data, as far as this world goes, even if this planet blows up master will still survive.
Oh... My... God....
Insufficient Data, you do not have a personal god.
So what is the best course of action?
What is master's goal?
TO BECOME GOD... or at least to kick this world's god's ass.
Answer, there was a tale of a Demon Lord becoming a Demon God and fighting against the Holy God.
Yesss! That, that is good.
Acknowledged, then master's first step should be conquering over the Dullahans as they are commonly known as the "Vanguard of Demon Lord's Army".
Then tell me more about them
They are headless horse riders that wield various weaponry, most common of them all is the sword.
However, their weapons is made to suit the owner so spears, axes, bows, and other martial weapons are all part of their arsenal. 
They have a patriarchal society where males rule the house so master should have the advantage being male.
I guess we now have the destination, so lead the way.

Like those future G**gle Shades
(A reference to Google Glass)
An arrow floats in mid air telling me the direction I should head.

Oh by the way, do I have any attacks?