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Okay, Let’s Become the Demon King! Vol 1 Ch 0: Prologue

Translator: Ensj
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Editor: Alex
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So yeah hey guys first one of the year and finally a new post in 4months isn't it?
I think I hinted this all the way in August?

Anyways, so yeah this is the new Korean light novel we (well, I decided to take Alex had no choice) decided to translate.
Am I dropped I died and became god? yes, it was getting too ridiculous and it was evident that the author was quite amateurish, the entire novel revolved around making a harem and it was just becoming a bore for me to tl. I will give the raws to people who wants them
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Well, do enjoy~

Vol 1 Ch 0: Prologue

… When humans die they either go to heaven or hell. The one that decides who goes where is the grand work of 「King Yama」. 「King Yama」 has an eye that could determine one’s life.Using this, 「King Yama」 sends sinners to hell and saints to heaven. And now 「King Yama」 is looking at a man to determine his life.

“... So you were born in a farmer’s family and worked there for ten years. After hearing that the empire’s princess got kidnapped by the demon king, you went traveling for ten years to defeat the demon king, and saved the princess. You then helped countless people in the nation, punished criminals, and ended your life at the age of sixty.”

「King Yama」 looked at the man’s life with interest as he stroked his beard.

“You lived a life filled with kindness and virtue. As a reward, I would like to grant three wishes for you.”

The man seemed to think for a second, then asked 「King Yama」 a question.

“Venerable 「King Yama」, would it be fine if I made a nonsensical wish?”

「King Yama」 nodded without hesitation.

“Of course it is. You’ve done more good than anyone I’ve seen in my entire life. Your wishes must have something to do with your grand plan.”

The man laughed it off, and put up a single finger with his right hand.

“The first of my three wishes is to be reborn in the human world.”

“Ohh, so you’re trying to help people once again in the human world. Alright, wish granted.”

The man put up his second finger.

“Second, I’d like to have all the powers that I had as my time as a hero. Things like physical strength and sword skills and the like.”

“Mm, understood. Without power, you wouldn’t be able to punish evildoers.”

“And third...”

The man put up his third finger, and the instant he did so, his lips twitched. He was trying to hold back laughter. It was unknown what was causing him to laugh in the first place, but thankfully 「King Yama」 didn’t notice that twitch.

“...My third wish is to go to a place where the demon king does not exist.”

“A place where the demon king doesn’t exist?”

When 「King Yama」 put on a confused face, the man quickly explained his reasoning for the wish.

“Yes, as you might know, I’ve already tried fighting the demon king as a hero. Because of this, I know the strength of the demon king well. I am not confident that I would be able to beat something like that again. Because of this, I would like to live in a place where there is no evil stronger than I, so that I may save all the people in the world.”

“I see, I understand. I shall grant you that wish.”

When 「King Yama」 waved his hand, a black hole appeared under the man’s feet.

“When I wave my hand again, you will be reborn in the human world with all your abilities and memories intact.”

“Right. Thank you, 「King Yama」.”

“Then, leave.”

「King Yama」 waved his hand.

The black circle turned transparent, and the man fell through it.

A normal person probably would’ve screamed from a sudden fall like this, but the man only had a smile on his face. He muttered his name in his previous life under his breath.

‘My life as 「Lauren Phillips」 is just beginning.’ he declared.


  1. Thanks for the new story, and you hinted about a new chapter in 4 months the 4th september, so you are a few days behind ;P
    I hope you continue to translate this novel until it done(good luck with that), couse so far it shows promise even tho i have just read that little chapter/teaser.