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Death March 2-2 w/o TLN

Chapter 2: 【Arisa】

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>> Satou here. Since my office is located in the Holy Land of Sub-Cultures, the closest eatery is a maid café. After going there every day, I no longer object to being called ‘goshujin-sama’. <<

 “More precisely, I am a former Japanese person who, without losing her memories as ‘Tachibana Arisa’, was reborn in 「Kuborke Kingdom」. Are you the same? Wait, judging from your black hair, you must be a summoned Hero. Right, ‘Sato’-san?”
 Looking at all the info on this girl shown by the AR, nothing suggests that she used to be Japanese or was ever named ‘Tachibana Arisa’.
 My own status, too, does not say anything about Japan or ‘Suzuki Ichiro’.
 “Why did you go quiet all of a sudden? Did you know that you are the second Japanese I’ve met here?”
 Upon hearing that, my eyes can’t help but dart towards Lulu sleeping on the other bed.
 “It’s not Lulu, okay? I have never met him, but apparently her great-grandfather was Japanese. Isn’t genetics cruel? If she was born in Japan, she could have become an idol.”
 “How so? It’s true that Lulu has low self-esteem, but she’s probably quite popular even in 「Shiga Kingdom」, no?”
 “Of course ‘Sato’-san would think so. Didn’t you hear Nidoren? To people in this world, she is no beauty.”
 “Did you use 「Mind Magic」 to—”
 “I didn’t.”
 I was going to ask whether she used 「Mind Magic」 to make Lulu think badly of herself to protect her wellbeing, but I am immediately shot down.
 “By the standards of beauty here, she has a flat, featureless face, thin lips, non-white skin, and lanky butt; the perfect coincidence of all dislikable features. But thanks to that, she hasn’t had a buyer.”
 Huh? If typical Japanese features are disliked, then wouldn’t I also be considered an ugly man?
 As if reading the concern on my face, Arisa adds.
 “Though far from a handsome face, ‘Sato’-san, people just think you have the looks of a foreigner. But for Lulu, like gears perfectly misaligned by chance, she is considered not just ugly but almost hideous!”
 Though standards of beauty are often said to differ with time and distance, she sure is unfortunate— no, considering her circumstances, probably fortunate.
 It does not sit well with me, but let’s just say that people here don’t consider Lulu to be a beauty!
 Seemingly having said enough about Lulu’s situation, Arisa changes the topic.
 “So then, *Sato*-san, are you a Transmigrator or Translocator?”
(Transmigrator is “転生者 *tensei-sha*” meaning “one who reincarnated”, while Translocator is “転移者 *ten’i-sha*” or “one who transferred”. They’re used more or less as jargon here, so I chose rarely seen words to reflect that.)
 “Stop calling me ‘Sato-san’.”
 “Got~it, goshujin-sama.”
 I don’t mind people calling me ‘Satou’, but if I keep getting called ‘Sato’ I might start to forget that my real name is ‘Suzuki’. I admit there isn’t much of a difference, but still. [^Sato]
 “Getting back on point, goshujin-sama, which one are  you?”
 “What’s the difference?”
 I respond to Arisa’s question with a question. Even if she asks me whether I am a “Transmigrator” or a “Translocator”, I wouldn’t be able to tell without knowing what they mean.
 “Transmigrators are people who died in an accident or of natural causes in the original world, then was reborn in this one. Translocators are people who were kidnapped to this world by a forceful summoning. A Hero would be a Translocator.”
 With her slightly biased words in mind, which one am I?
 “Must a Transmigrator start out as an infant?”
 “There are stories of people reincarnating into adult bodies, but you can only start as an infant in this world!”
 She’s quite certain about this. When I ask for confirmation with that in mind—
 “When I reincarnated, God told me about this.”
 —I receive this kind of answer.
 She met a god?
 If I heard such talk in Japan, I would have quietly left pretending I don’t know the person, or at least question their sanity.
 “Is a Translocator summoned exactly as they were? With the same clothing, items, and appearance?”
 “People who are summoned would be wearing the same clothes. Of course, their appearances are also the same.”
 My clothing didn’t change, but my appearance became younger though?
 “Is that all hearsay?”
 “I heard it directly from the Saga Empire’s Hero, so it’s probably correct. Since the only country that can summon Heroes from another world is Saga.”
 Then could I find a way back if I go to 「Saga Empire」?
 When I finish my tour of 「Shiga Kingdom」, my next destination shall be the 「Saga Empire」.
 And the other Japanese person Arisa mentioned, it’s that Hero right?
 Then, what I should tell Arisa— Should I tell her the truth about me or keep it a secret?
 Though she’s someone who tried to control me with 「Mind Magic」 and assault me, she has told me some important clues.
 “I see, but I think I am neither of those! I just took a nap at my workplace, and found myself in the wilderness when I came to.”
 “Did you not meet God?”
 “I didn’t.”
 Arisa crosses her arm and grumbles. Then, while still naked, she says:
 “In that case, were you standing in some sort of 「Summoning Formation」 when you came to this world?”
 “No, I was alone in the wilderness.”
 “Then did you start with a high level? Unlimited mana? A boatload of skills?”
 “I was Level 1 with ten mana at the start. No skills either!”
 ... Well, there were one-use Icons like 「Meteor Shower」.
 “The heck, just how unreasonable is this game?”
 Wait, why am I one being questioned and sympathized with?
 “Enough about me, this is about you. Tell me every one of your skills one by one. Including any 「Gifts」. Just so you know, that’s an ‘order’.”
 “I would answer even if you didn’t order me, okay?
 “First is 「Mind」 Magic, Level 5. Isn’t it cool? I put every skill point I got since birth in there.”
 —Every single one?
 Arisa is Level 11. If she’s the same as me, she should have 110 skill points by now.
 For 「Mind Magic」, she only needs 10 points at most, no?
 “Arisa, one question.”
 “Yup, ask me anything. My bra size is—”
 Stuffing a pillow into Arisa’s face while she’s giving out unnecessary information, I continue my question.
 “When you level up each time, how many skill points do you get? Also, how many points do you need to raise a level in 「Mind Magic」?”
 “Mmm, sheesh, so violent! Skill points, is it? Every time I level up, I roll a 2d6. And by ‘2d6’, I mean the value from throwing two six-sided dice. Anywhere from two points to twelve, and seven points on average. The skill points needed to raise 「Mind Magic」 depends on the current level of the skill. More specifically—” [^Level]
 I jot down what Arisa says in the 「Memo」 section of the 「Social」 tab.
 —What’s going on?
 The number of skill points that Arisa and I get leveling up, and the points needed to raise the level of a skill are completely different.
 Is my case unique? Or is there some sort of rule?
 “What is it?”
 “No, it’s nothing.”
 She expresses concern, but I just brush it aside.
 If what Arisa says is true, then I learn skills at several times the speed of others— dozens of times even.
 In some sense, this is almost as broken as 「Meteor Shower」 or 「Full Map Exploration」.
 I should wait until I can trust Arisa before telling her about this. I’ll keep it a secret for now.
 “Arisa, how do you learn new skills?”
 “I just pick it out from a list!”
 This part is the same, at least— no, wait. I missed something.
 “And when are new skills added to that list?”
 “The same time I get more skill points. When I fulfill some requirement— like a certain number of skill points or a requisite skill— they’ll show up on the list. They’re added when I collect half of the needed skill points, so it’s easy to decide when I should keep or use my skill points!”
 Yeah, this is different too.
 In my case, I get corresponding skills as soon as I take any action. Other than the fact that I do so much more easily, the beastgirls are pretty much the same.
 Without mentioning my own situation, I tell Arisa that the beastgirls gain skills in a different way from her, but Arisa points out that Transmigrators and Translocators like us are the exception.

 There was some digression, but now Arisa’s exposition of her skills continues.
 “The skill 「Self Status」, as the name suggests, allows me to check my own status. It’s more detailed than the 「Yamato Stone」. More importantly, when I level up, I can decide how status values like STR (strength) or INT (wisdom) and skill points are distributed.”
 Why she could choose any skill she likes from a list, seems to be the effect of 「Self Status」.
 Also, even her statues values can be distributed as she likes? I don’t have such a function in 「Menu」.
 Maybe 「Menu」 is a some kind of variant of this skill.
  “「Hide Skill」 can hide all skills that I possess. Once it is active, casting 「Analyze」 or using the 「Yamato Stone」 will show 『Skills: None』.”
 My Menu said 『Skills: Unknown』 though, so maybe it’s different from “Appraisal”-type skills?
 “「Skills Check」 allows me to see other people’s statuses. 「Analyze」 would work better, but I didn’t have the reincarnation bonus for it!”
 I have her read out my status, but like with the 「Yamato Stone」, it’s exactly the same as what I have set in the 「Social」 tab.
 According to Arisa, the skill 「Analyze」 is the sum of all “Appraisal”-type skills like 「Status Check」, so the effect is the same when used to check someone’s status. [^Analyze]
 By the way, Arisa’s 「Hide Skill」 seems to be given by god, so no “Appraisal”-type skill can see through it.
 No wonder my AR would say 「Unknown」.
 If 「Hide Skill」 was learned normally, it can be seen through by 「Status Check」 that is at least one level higher.
 In terms of concealing information, my 「Menu」’s 「Social」 tab settings seems be more versatile than Arisa’s 「Hide Skill」, almost like an enhanced version of it.
 “「Item Box」 is just as its name says. An item storage like what you would see in games. There’s a limit to what I can store unlike the 「Inventory」 that Heroes normally have, but it still won’t take up space or get too heavy, very convenient~” [^Inventory]
 As for capacity, apparently it can hold a hundred types of items, and a hundred each of the same type of items. Exactly like a game, almost.
 On the other hand, for things like water that don’t have a set shape, one liter counts as one unit.
 Her favorite trick, Arisa proudly declares, is to put small things into one large bag, so it would be counted by volume like water.
 My 「Storage」 is probably something similar to 「Inventory」.
 I’m not sure whether only the name is different or also the way it works, but either way, it’s quite convenient.
 “I’ve talked too much, a little thirsty now.”
 Seeing Arisa clearing her throat, I stand up to get water for her, but she stops me.
 Arisa suggests using this chance to show off 「Item Box」, so I give her the permission to use it.
 “「Item Box」 open.”
 As Arisa chants quietly, she raises her hand out in a dramatic manner, and a flat black hole opens in front of her.
 Is that the item box?
 When I use 「Storage」, there aren’t any special effects like that flat black hole.
 Arisa reaches into the black hole, and takes out a water jar. She puts her mouth directly on the jar to drink. Looking from the side, her face seems quite proud of herself.
 The water spills and runs down her bare chest. That intentionally flirtatious way of drinking water really doesn’t befit her age.
 How old is she for real?
 As her pose is too unseemly, I say, “At least use a cup”, but she answers that since taking things out or putting things in require mana, she keeps doing so to a minimum.
 It take mana to use it? This part is different from 「Storage」 too.
 As Arisa is finished with the water jar, I ask her to let me try putting it back. How do I put this? It’s like reaching into a box where you can barely see the contents.

  >>> Skill obtained 「Item Box」

 I don’t think I need a skill that’s strictly worse than 「Storage」…
 Anyway, I’m more interested in knowing which among the yet-to-be-explained 「Never Give Up」 and 「Over Boost」 had allowed her to use her 「Mind Magic」 on me despite the 300 level difference.
 “Fufufu, how is it? Wasn’t I worth it? It’s not easy to find a slave with this many skills!”
 “Isn’t there something else?”
 After becoming quiet for a bit, with a playful “Sheesh, you’re so greedy”, Arisa puts her hands in the air like a foreigner.
 It pisses me off a little, so I give her a little chop on the head.
 Of course, to avoid injuring her, I’ve adjusted my strength.
 “No violence! Other than those, I have two 「Unique Skills」, okay!”
 Seeing her make a pose as if asking “Aren’t I great?”, I rough up her hair. Despite complaining “My hair will be messed up~” she seems a little happy.
 Anyway, not 「Abilities」 but 「Unique Skills」?
 Interrupting my train of thought, Arisa starts her explanation.
 “Even Lulu doesn’t know about these! The first one is called 「Overboost」. By consuming all of my mana and stamina, I can multiply the power of one hit by many fold! Isn’t it cool? It’s like a skill reserved for the heroine~”
 Actually, it’s more like a one-off cannon.
 “The other one is 「Never Give Up」. It’s the power to never give up, no matter how strong the enemy is! More specifically, regardless of the target’s defense or the level gap between us, Magic and other attacks have at least a 10% chance of working! Isn’t it awesome?”
 Awesome, true. She must have used this to overcome my magical defense. As evidence, the log contains various “Resisted ___ Magic” entries.
 “But I can only use it three times at most. If I use any, I would recover one use each month. Since my spells just wouldn’t work on you, goshujin-sama, I use all 3 tries.”
 What a troublesome skill. Should I say I’m glad that she is not my enemy?
 According to her, even with this skill, it is meaningless if the opponent has complete resistance. For example, using 「Flamethrower」 against a fire dragon resistant all fire attacks.
 “Oh yeah, goshujin-sama, how many 「Unique Skills」 do you have?”
 “You want to know how many and not ‘what skills’?”
  “Yup. 「Unique Skills」 are trump cards for people like us, after all, so you shouldn’t reveal them so easily, okay?”
 I thought she wanted to know, but she’s advising me not to reveal them.
 However, the problem isn’t how many I have, but that I don’t even have anything called 「Unique Skills」.
 This 「Menu」 display and the first 「Meteor Shower」 might count as 「Unique Skills」, but how could I even tell?
 Looking through each tab in the 「Menu」, I find an inconspicuous 「Abilities」 section under the 「Settings」 tab.
 Four items come up after opening it.
 “Oh~ not bad. According to God, the more 「Unique Skills」 you have, the more powerful your soul.”
 Powerful? I wonder how the soul of an average guy like me can be considered powerful.
 By the way, those four Abilities are 「Menu」, 「Unit Creation」, 「Unit Deployment」, and 「Undying」.
 This 「Menu」 display is an 「Ability」? Since they seem to work the same way as what Arisa calls 「Unique Skills」 and it can get confusing, I’ll just call both 「Unique Skills」.
 Since my 「Unique Skills」 don’t include 「Storage」, 「Radar」, and 「Map」, those are probably all functions of 「Menu」.
 When I first got here, I thought the 「Menu」 wasn’t much, but after experiencing how practical it was inside the dungeon, I wouldn’t dare think that now.
 As for the two that start with “Unit”, they seem like what might appear in Strategy Games, and they’re currently grayed out. 「Undying」 is the same way, but if I consider it from a game design perspective, maybe I need to fulfill some condition before they become available.
 What 「Undying」 does is probably like how you would revive in a chapel when you die in a game. In that case, could the release condition be to experience death? I have no intention to try that. If that really is the case, it will be a long time before I actually unlock this.
 Well, there’s no point getting my brain fried thinking about problems with no solutions, so I’ll shelf them for now.

  “I want to confirm some things.”
 “Fire away~”
 “How did you use 「Mind Magic」 without chanting a spell?”
 When she had used it in front of the inn, there was no sign she had chanted.
 “Well~ it’s a part of 「Self Status」, actually. As long as it is a spell I’ve learned, I can use it just by saying the 「Command Word」 in my head.”
 I had asked expectantly, but apparently I still have to chant successfully at least once.
 Is using magic scrolls the only way?
 Well, it’s not like I don’t have the money. Let’s ask Zena-san to introduce me to a magical shop where I can buy scrolls.
 “You mean you can’t use magic?”
 “I ran into a wall trying to chant spells...”
 Well, that’s not a lie.
 I know three spells, but those are basically cheating.
 “Well, duh~ When I first heard other people chant, I almost gave up. It took me one year to learn how to do it in the end.”
 “Makes sense. I only started learning two days ago, and really only put two hours in it.”
 “What? That’s no time at all. If you could learn it that quickly, there would be a lot more magicians!”
 It’s so spot-on, I have no rebuttal.
 While I remained silent, Arisa tries to hug me, claiming she is cold. I gently peel her off, and throw the clothing and blankets at the side of the bed at her.

 “Next, tell me what is in your 「Item Box」. It wouldn’t do if you try to poison or knife me in my sleep.”
 Though she hasn’t displayed any hostility against me, since she has made ridiculous claims like falling in love at first sight, let’s be a little cautious for now.
 “Let’s see~ Five 「Mind Magic」 spellbooks.”
 Arisa piles heavy, leather-bound books one by one on the bed. You could almost smell the age of these books.
 The 「Evaluation」 skill reveals the value of these spellbooks, which is far greater than the price of Arisa and Lulu combined.
 “If you sold these books, couldn’t you have bought your own freedom?”
 “Since these are a slave’s property, it would be over if they are confiscated. What’s more, with my purple hair, I don’t know what might happen to me if I bring out these questionable books on 「Mind Magic」...”
 Indeed, the words 「Mind Magic」 would easily remind people of heinous things like brainwashing or manipulation.
 “Rather than this condemned type of magic, why didn’t you learn something else?”
 “This was the only type I could find. I really wanted to use magic, so it was all self-taught.”
 Yeah, I know what it’s like to want to use magic.
 Oh, and speaking of which—
 “Purple hair is ominous?”
 “Purple hair or eyes are usually seen as ominous. No one actually knows the reason, but if anything bad happens, people like me usually end up taking the blame.”
 Now that she mentions it, the slave trader Nidoren did say something of that sort.
 “Hmm, but it just looks like the hairdo of an old woman trying to be stylish.”
 “Wh-, why did you have to make that comparison...”
 Arisa keels over dejectedly on the bed, her lavish hair scattered across it. Such lavish hair shouldn’t be so despised for no reason at all.
 Ah, we’re getting off topic. Let’s get back on point.
 “Is that all you have in the 「Item Box」?”
 “There’s the water jar before and also several outfits. You want to see those?”
 “Yeah, take them out. Not the water jar though.”
 Seeing the outfits Arisa takes out is giving me a headache. From a yukata to a sailor uniform, as well as an unfinished maid maid outfit... She apparently sewed all those herself. Since Arisa doesn’t have the 「Sewing」 skill, it seems to be a talent from her previous life.
 After jotting down the name of the spellbooks, I let her put everything back in the 「Item Box」.
 “You’re not going to confiscate these?”
 “I might borrow the spellbooks from you later, but I am not going to confiscate anything.”
 As Arisa tilts her head astounded, I tell her clearly.
 If I keep the sailor uniform or maid outfit made to fit a little girl, I’ll be seen as a pervert.
 “Right, keep this in the 「Item Box」 too.”
 I say, as I hand Arisa a small bag, taken out from 「Storage」 under the covers.
 “So heavy! Can I check inside?”
 “Yes, of course. There’s ten 「Gold」 in total. Use it only when you have to in an emergency.”
 It’s not just 「Shiga Kingdom」 money, but also that of 「Saga Empire」.
 In this turbulent world, you could get dragged into a riot and the creation of a dungeon while going on a date in the city. In case anything happens, it’s better to have her hold some cash.
 “Giving gold to a slave… goshujin-sama, are you secretly rich?”
 “I just earned it by chance.”
 Arisa is breathtaken by the brilliant sheen of gold and silver inside the bag.
 I thought it wasn’t a big amount, but she explains that the average citizen’s monthly income is less than one 「Gold」. Though this isn’t a fair estimate due to different standards of living, from what I’ve seen, one 「Gold」 is worth about fifty to a hundred thousand Yen... I suppose that’s possible. [^Money]
 “I shouldn’t have to say it, but don’t use it outside of an emergency, okay?”
 Though Arisa seems to be intentionally giving an ambiguous answer, there’s no one else who can keep the money securely, so I choose to overlook it.
 Since I have the 「Sewing」 skill, let’s sew gold coins into amulets for the other kids later.

 “Arisa, one last question.”
 “Okay~, come at me~”
 Arisa answers lightheartedly like a baseball player.
 “Could you tell me how you became a slave? This is not an order. You don’t have to say if if you don’t want to.”
 After some hesitation, Arisa begins to slowly reveal her story.
 “I failed when I tried to reform my homeland using my knowledge from before reincarnation.”
 ‘Hey, I used to be a princess, you know!’ Arisa says, trying to be upbeat.
 “It went well at first, but after some unnatural failures, the kingdom fell into chaos before becoming occupied by the neiboring country.”
 “What did you do?”
 “Just normal agricultural reforms. Like using leaf mold, composting, and crop rotation, that kind of basic administrative cheats!”
 No idea what ‘administrative cheats’ is supposed to mean. Let’s just call it administrative reform.
 “Even if that failed, how could that have turn the country to chaos?”
 “That’s why I said it was ‘unnatrual’. The mountains turned to wasteland after we collected leaf mold; fermenting compost released hoards of insect-type monsters; and planting clover and turnips didn’t enrich the soil but made it even less fertile.”
 That really is quite absurd, but for her to call it “unnatural” specifically, that means...
 “Someone sabotaged you?”
 “That’s right, but it was too late when I found out. I thought it was due to differences between this alternate world and Earth, so I fell into a slump. I was already being called ‘Witch of Doom’ and ‘Insane Princess’.”
 So that’s how she got those titles.
 Sorry, Arisa. I thought it was because you brainwashed the king into creating a pretty boy harem for you.
 “In that case, since the goal was to take over the country, wasn’t it pointless when there was nothing left? Wasn’t devastating the country counterproductive?”
 “The land of my impoverished country meant nothing to them. They merely wanted access to the ‘Withered Dungeon’ under the castle.”
 Arisa resentfully gnaws on her fingers.
 “After taking over the country, in order to dissolve the citizens’ dissent, they openly executed the king, the crown prince, and all the king’s concubines.”
 Tears start to gather on her indignant face.
 “Then, gathering the remaining princes and princesses, they said— ‘Your foolishness destroyed this country. You have no right to call yourself royalty.’ —Then under their orders, the court magician used his gift, 「Curse」, on the princes and princesses, including me. ‘You will remain a slave until you die’, he said. At the time I thought it really was my fault the country had fallen, so I willingly accepted the curse to become a slave.”
 I take out a handkerchief from 「Storage」 under the covers to wipe her tears.
 “Why did they make you into slaves?”
 “It was all for the ritual to revive that ‘Withered Dungeon’. As slaves, we could neither resist or run away. Unlike 「Contracts」, there was only one person in the country who could cancel a 「Curse」...”
 Gripping the handkerchief along with my hand, Arisa continues.
 “Every month, on the night of the full moon, one of us was sacrificed in the depths of that dungeon for that sinister ritual...”
 The grip on my hand lightens up.
 “After a year, the dungeon seem to have been revived. The ritual sacrifices ended, but only I, with my ominously-colored hair, and Lulu, who is Father’s illegitimate child, were left. We were moved from the tower where we were imprisoned to another palace nearby. I didn’t know why they hadn’t gotten rid of us immediately. Now, I assume that we were insurance in case the dungeon withered again.”
 As the king’s illegitimate daughter, Lulu would have counted as royalty by blood.
 Since they appear to be different ethnicities, I had thought Lulu and Arisa were not sisters by blood, but they turn out to actually be related.
 “And then, tragedy struck at the night of the next full moon. A demon suddenly appeared, destroying the citadel and downtown. The palace we were placed in was also destroyed, so Lulu and I escaped into the mountains.”
 Though Arisa was ordered never to leave, the traitor who was registered as her master had apparently died when the castle was destroyed, and she was able to leave.
 “I thought we were going to burn to death back then, but we were able to escape by a hair’s breadth when I discovered that Lulu’s title had become 「No Master」. If I had been alone, I would have died back then.”
 As if trying to wrap around it, Arisa embraces my arm and gets on my lap. I can feel her hands trembling slightly, so I let her be.
 “We wandered in the mountains for ages, and when we almost died, the slave trader Nidoren picked us up. We were unable to enter any town as slaves without a master anyway. In order to avoid being bought by some pervert nobleman, I tried so hard to get on his good side. I thought I was going to get ulcers from the stress.”
 She rests her head on my arm, where I can’t see her expression.
  “Why didn’t you brainwash Nidoren with 「Mind Magic」, and have him treat you like daughters?”
 “That’s just it. I was so focused on getting on his good side, when I thought of that idea, we were already Nidoren’s slaves.”
 “You can use magic even afterwards though.”
 “That would have violated the contract, and the collar would tighten up and might have killed me.”
 Hm? Wait a minute.
 I turn Arisa around to face me.
 “Didn’t you just abuse magic to push me down? Did that not violate the contract?”
 Her face looking up at me makes a cheeky smile.
 “That was me serving you as a slave! Didn’t I make the vow during the 「Contract」?”
 —Whether it is day or night, I will strive to serve you right.
 “That’s why I used magic, to serve you every way I can!”
 With her hands motioning me to come closer, while saying “So please embrace me~ Lust for my immature flesh!” she tries to pushing herself on me, so I take her down with a chop.

 “Anyway, what was that Demon trying to do?”
 “Dunno. Since it was a Demon, it probably sought out the dungeon to raise a Demon King?”
 It’s not a cuckoo that goes around leaving its eggs in nests.
 “Dungeons are for raising Demon Kings?”
 “That’s the theory of some scholars, but the gods neither confirm nor deny it. Thing is, almost every Demon King that has ever appeared did so near a dungeon.”
 So that ‘Wagahai’ guy, he made the dungeon in 「Seiryuu City」 so that a Demon King would appear here?
 Speaking of which, the Madam of 「Gateside Inn」 might have said the same thing.
 “Oh yeah, could I also ask you a question?”
 “When we were in front of the inn, you said that without Liza and the others, you ‘wouldn’t have come back from the dungeon alive’, right?”
 I nod in acknowledgement.
 “Did you go to the 「Dungeon City Seriviera」?” [^dungeon]
 “Nope, didn’t.”
 Oh yeah, that city doesn’t discriminate against demi-humans much, I think.
 Maybe the entire city is inside the dungeon, or maybe it’s just sitting at the entrance of one? I want to go see it.
 “Then, a dungeon in another country?”
 “No, there was a dungeon incident right here in 「Seiryuu City」.”
 Arisa, after breathlessly whispering “no way”—
 “That’s the trouble Nidoren was caught in, a dungeon?!”
 —approaches me suddenly. Her face is too close.
 Pushing Arisa back, I tell her everything about the riot and how a demon created a dungeon.
 Excluding the part about me destroying a High Class Demon in a silver mask.
 “You’re saying, a demon created a new dungeon?”
 I nod in response to the awestruck Arisa.
 Is this what surprised her?
 “The thing is, there were only six dungeons on this continent. The youngest dungeon was created more than a hundred years ago. A Demon King’s remains are the foundations for a dungeon, or so a book said.”
 “Since it was made by a Low Class Demon, I though dungeons are worth a dime a dozen.”
 “It’s not like that at all. Without using some Artifact, it should be impossible to create a dungeon! And then, for what purpose...” [^Artifact]
 “Maybe to mass produce monsters to fight the Hero?”
 Ignoring my off-hand suggestion, Arisa seriously contemplates.
 I don’t mind her putting her hands around my neck, but could she not wrap her legs around my waist?
 “The old dungeons like Seriviera would be enough for that. Dungeons expand as they get older, so there’s no need to spend time making a new one.”
 “Then, just as a diversion, or setting up for the future?”
 Like distracting the Hero, by hiding a tree in a forest.
 “That’s possible.”
 I give the still uncertain Arisa a pat on the head.
 What the demons are planning, there is too little information to tell. At least there are no demons within the County or the dungeon right now, not even ones like the Eyeball Demon disguised like a Mimic. [^Mimic]
 They could be summoned like Wagahai guy, but there’s no point to just worry about that.
 If I get bogged down by things like this I would start balding.
 “Could I get into the Seiryuu City Dungeon?”
 Arisa asks while looking upwards with a serious face— I don’t mind that, but why is she pressing her flat chest against me?
 “Probably not? I heard from someone I know, it will be closed for the time being.”
 “I see...”
 The person I know, Zena-san, didn’t explicity say, but she implied as much when we were in the citadel.
 “Why do you want to go to the dungeon? What’s the point of going to that dangerous place full of monsters?”
 “I want to go precisely because there are monsters!”
 “Do you have some beef with monsters?”
 “Not at all. I just want to raise my Level.”
 Raise her Level... This isn’t a game— no, she wants to raise her Level precisely because this is reality, doesn’t she?
 When the beastgirls raised their Levels, their statuses also went up, increasing their chances of survival. In a dangerous world like this, raising one’s Level is definitely important.
 Still, the average citizen is quite low-leveled. Even most soldiers are only Level 5 to 7.
 “If you really want to go, I’ll try to ask them.”
 I can’t stand seeing Arisa looking so dejected, so I throw her a bone.
 “Yeah, I don’t know whether you actually can though, so don’t expect too much, okay?”
 “Oh, thank you!”
 Seeing her break into a wide grin, I push the now-perky Arisa away, this time pulling a shirt over her head.
 “But other than defeating monsters, is there no other way to raise one’s Level?”
 “Of course there is. The thing is, this is the most efficient!”
 Talk of efficiency reminds me of MMORPGs.
 After all, I used to hunt more efficient high-experience monsters all the time.
 “Compared to killing people or beasts, the experience you gain killing monsters is several times higher. This is just a guess based on what I overheard from the soldiers and knights in town, so I don’t know the details.”
 If it were the same, there would probably be nobles who massacre commoners and slaves for experience points, and people who raise livestock solely to kill rather than to eat.
 “Arisa, have you ever gone to kill monsters to raise your level?”
 “I would have if I could! I raised my Level through reading. Did you know? You gain experience as you learn new knowledge! Thanks to that, I was able to raise my Level while huddled up in the palace.”
 I see, as this isn’t a game, combat isn’t the only way to raise your level.
 For the rest of the night, until Arisa nodded off, we talked about various aspects of this world’s system.


[^sato]: Arisa has been using the kanji for “Sato”  (佐藤). I don’t think the text ever make it clear how Satou knows whether someone is doing that,, but I’m guessing there’s a difference in stress.
[^analyze]: All “Appraisal”-type skills use the kanji “鑑定”, but may have different furigana (way of reading), so I just go by the latter. For example, Skills Check is written “能力鑑定” and Analyze is just “鑑定”.
[^inventory]: The kanji says “無限収納”, literally “Infinite Storage”.
[^money]: ¥ 50,000 ~ 100,000 is about $ 400 ~ 800 (USD). It’s really not much, but as he mentioned, the standard of living here is much lower.
[^dungeon]: Spelled セリビーラ
[^mimic]: One of the classic monsters in dungeon games that would disguise itself as a treasure chest or other seemingly harmless objects.
[^artifact]: The kanji says “伝説級の秘宝”, or “Legendary Class Treasure”.

[^level]: If you are at all interested, I’m guessing she has had about 60-80 skill points (7 points average per level * 10 levels raised = 70 points), and Mind Magic requires about 4 or 5 points * the next level to raise it it (60 or 75 points total).


  1. Please check if that original term is Geass, not Curse. It is specifically the highest level of Curse-type skill in Webnovel. There's a curse skill, which is lower than Geass.

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