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Death March 2-1 w/o TLN

Volume 2 Chapter 1: 【Night Disturbance】

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>> Satou here. I’ve never tried yobai or have had it done to me, but if it ever happens, I’d prefer to do it with a sexy mature woman! <<

 Unable to remain asleep, I suddenly wake up only to find a naked little girl straddling me.
 ...What the? Is this a dream?
 Back then, when I stayed at my grandfather’s during the holidays, my younger sister or female cousins would jump on me like this to wake me up.
 But unlike them, the little girl sitting on me is naked, and possesses none of my cousins’ air of innocence.
 The little girl’s body sways slightly, then with a start, lays down on my bare chest.
That expression, doesn’t it belong on a mature woman rather than a little girl?
 “Oh? Did I wake you?”
 Realizing that I woke up, the little girl with purple locks pecks me on the lips.
 “*Ufufu*, I got to kiss you.”
 She playfully whispers, holding up her torso with her hands on my chest, smiling somewhat bashfully.
 Captivated by that enamoring look of bliss, I gently caress Arisa’s cheek.
 She does does have an adorable face, but I don’t think that is an appropriate impression of a girl as young as her.
 I brush such insignificant notions to the back of my mind, and turn to gaze at Arisa.
 Arisa’s silhouette is outlined by a pale rosy glow.
 Looks quite mysterious.
 “Stop staring like that, it’s embarrassing.”
 I seemed to have stared at Arisa’s face inadvertently. But without showing any disapproval on her face, Arisa merely pokes my nose lightly.
 Feeling a sense of bashfulness as if I were once again a teenager, I move my eyes away from her face.
 The pale rosy glow before might only have been a hallucination, as faint traces of it now remain only on her purple hair.
 Tracing along her hair, my eyes come to rest where Arisa’s slender chest is hidden.
 “Sheesh, men are ‘so perverted’...”
 With a hand over her hair, Arisa clasps her hidden chest, seemingly embarrassed.
 I mumble an apology to Arisa, then start recalling the series of events that led up to this moment.
 After purchasing the two of them from the slave trader, we…


 “Whether it is day or night, I will strive to serve you right.”
 The little girl with purple locks says during the contract ceremony. Since neither Liza and the others nor the black-haired beauty said anything of the sort, was it some sort of vow to herself?
 With the slave contract secured, I give the slave trader Nidoren one 「Gold」 as the processing fee.
 I had planned on granting the beastgirls freedom, but Nidoren dissuaded me.
 According to him, in the northern 「Shiga Kingdom」 where discrimination against demi-humans is severe, with the exception of some Fairy Tribe people, demi-human commoners cannot enter the cities and would be treated worse than slaves if they do.
 More importantly, the beastgirls begged with teary eyes, “Please don’t abandon us,” so I gave up for now.
 When we head to the Duchy in southern 「Shiga Kingdom」, I’ll consider this again.
 Realizing I don’t have any knowledge of slavery, Nidoren then explains all about slave and how to train them.
 He says that he will stay there until noon the day after next, so I can go to him for any questions or to buy additional slaves. Asking questions is be fine, but I have no intention to buy more slaves.
 During the slave contact ceremony earlier, I obtained the skill 「Contact」. You would think I could now annul the slave contacts myself, but it’s not that simple.
 Chanting is necessary to use the 「Contract」 skill. It is probably a special magical skill designed for contracts.
 Other than slave contracts, the 「Contract」 skill seems to also be capable of forming normal contacts.

 Then, outside the tent, all of us introduce ourselves to one another and begin to socialize.
 “Then, allow me to introduce myself properly. I am Arisa, born in the former 「Kingdom of Kuborke」. I am eleven this year, so there are four more until I come of age, but I will gladly provide nightly services if you could pardon my inexperience. Please cherish me from now on.”

 With a fluent greeting unbefitting of her age, Arisa picks up her skirt and does a curtsey. Though the gesture itself looks graceful, due to the short length of her outfit and the lack of fasteners, her thighs are fully exposed.
 Returning my eyes to her face, I simply answer, “Same here, I’m Satou.”
 Well, I’ll have to say “No thank you” to any nightly services from such a little girl.
 “... I’m Lulu. Fourteen years old. I’m from the 「Kuborke Kingdom」. An ugly girl with a lacking figure like me… won’t be able to serve you at night, but I will work hard as a horse so… please don’t abandon me.”
 With her head down and her bangs concealing her face, Lulu introduces herself. Her voice is a clear soprano quite easy on the ears. It would be better if she can stop trembling though.
 Though she called her own figure lacking, her cup size looks to be about B-cup. If she has B-cups at fourteen, there is still much potential in the future. You don’t mean she values large breasts?
 They’re fine as long as they’re soft!
 Er, I don’t have the tiniest notion to make the middle-school-aged Lulu serve me at night though.
 After all, rather than purchasing Lulu for that reason, I did so due to Arisa’s plea.
 When such a young child begged me with teary eyes not to separate her from her only sister, I didn’t have the heart to refuse.
 Besides, after finding out information about Japan from Arisa, I plan on releasing Arisa from slavery, so I might as well let her only family come with.
 Both girls are beauties yet clearly belong to different races, probably because they are half-sisters.
 Regardless, with Lulu’s charm, calling herself ugly is too much even if it was out of modesty.
 Though her face is hidden, I can tell that compared to the winners of national teen pageants I saw on television, she is genuinely a gorgeous girl who leaves the others in her dust.
 In a few words, she's exactly my type. If her personality is fine, I might even propose to her when she is an adult.
 Er, letting my mind wander like this and looking at Lulu with ulterior motives is a little depraved. I tap myself on the head to clear such evil thoughts.
 Following these two, I have the beastgirls also introduce themselves.
 “Pochi, nano desu.”
 Probably because they’re shy, Pochi and Tama don’t say much.
 Hearing their names, Arisa does a sudden jolt and the corner of her mouth twitches, but she doesn't voice her thoughts.

 “I am Liza of the 「Saffron Scale Tribe」.

After the village of Saffron Scales where I grew up was destroyed by the Weaselkins, I was sold to Shiga Kingdom as a slave. Fortunately, such a kind master was willing to accept us—”
 Liza, you talk so much.
 Arisa and Lulu probably don’t hold any prejudice against demi-humans, as they show no signs of disgust when the beastgirls reveal their appearances by removing their hoods. Maybe in other countries, demi-humans aren’t the target of discrimination?
 Due to Arisa and Lulu’s unaffected attitudes, the beastgirls soon warm up to these two.
 Scratching Pochi and Tama’s ears, Arisa says while making puppy eyes.
 “It’s a little surprising you would accept these Ear Tribe girls as slaves.”
 “Well, there were some circumstances that led up to this.”
 Speaking of which, I had been mistaken due to the sheer number of Dogkins and Catkins, but Pochi and Tama are the only Dog or Cat Ear Tribe people in the 「Seiryuu City」 and even the entire County.
 “Due to having appearance of humans yet the ears and tails of Beastkins, these two were abandoned at birth, but they are nice kids, so please do not shun them.”
 Liza explains Pochi and Tama’s experience to Arisa and Lulu.
 Pochi and Tama have titles like “Satou’s Slave”, “Changeling”, and “Dungeon Explorer”, as well as combat-related “\_\_\_ Slayer” titles— but the 「Yamato Stone」 seem to have shown only the first.
 The hidden title 「Changeling」 doesn’t seem to have the same meaning as in typical fantasies, so I assume it refers to some kind of ancestral regression.
 “Of course, as cute as they are, there’s no way we could hate them!”
 “Tama is cute no desu!”
 “Pochi is cute too~”
 Quite content with Arisa’s praise, Pochi and Tama are sheepishly squirming.
 Seems like they’ll get along just fine.
 “Then let’s get back to the inn.”
 There’s no point just standing in front of the slave trader’s tent, so I tell the five of them to start heading to the inn.
 Arisa grabs my left hand and embraces it without missing a beat. It’s unnecessary skinship, but I was going to hold her hand to prevent being separated so I’ll allow it.
 Pochi and Tama are fighting over the other hand, but as before there is a clear winner, Liza just picks the two of them up like carrying luggage.
 Having given up on struggling, they relax their limbs and pipe down.
 ... They sure enjoy that pose.
 Liza can’t carry her spear while holding those two, so I will hold on to it for now.
 Lulu says “I can hold that”, but it’s much too heavy for a slender girl like her, so I keep it.

 As it is supper time just before dusk, the open-air shops in the plaza smell quite nice.
 Probably because people on the westside are used to eating out, even those who are not as well off are dining at the stalls.
 Looking closely, I even see some collared slaves eating among the citizens. However, they’re sitting on the ground to eat, unlike the citizens at tables.
 *Rumble rumble~~*
 A cute sound is heard. Turning around, I see a beet-red Lulu.
 The way such a gorgeous girl gets embarrassed is so adorable. Though I don’t consider her an option to date, but I can anticipate the future.
 “This place smells great. Let’s get some food here before going back.”
 I already know the answer, but I still ask everyone, “Anything in mind?”
 “Meat is good no desu!”
 “I would be fine with anything goshujin-sama provides, but if I really must say, it would be great to have some poultry.”
 Yup, the three of them answer as expected.
 “But I thought slaves like us are fortunate enough just to have something to eat?”
 Arisa voices her confusion with her head tilted, so I try asking what she has been eating.
 “Before getting to 「Seiryuu City」, rye bread and lukewarm soup was the best I could expect.”
 That’s to be expected in a sense.
 But the beastgirls’ answers following Arisa’s are quite shocking.
 “For demi-human slaves like us, at best we could expect one meal a day, so things nuts and leaves from the park, anything edible would be used to stave off hunger. Whenever we caught small animals, we would share it amongst fellow slaves.”
 Even under such adversity, they were willing to share their food? The beastgirls’ kindness seem to be innate, but it is also in large part due to growing up in an environment where they looked after one another.
 While they are with me, I’ll let them eat as they please.

 “Young master!”
 A booming voice carries across the plaza.
 Someone is probably hard of hearing, since that person has called out “Young master” several times without getting a response.
 Liza says “Goshujin-sama” so I would turn around.
 “What is it?”
 “The open-air shop owner seems to be calling for you, goshujin- sama...”
 Having been politely reminded, I turn toward that voice. Some unknown man is waving at me.
 “You finally heard! Young master!”
 Who’re you?
 “Goshujin-sama, he is the man we saved from the slime.”
 “Right, of course.”
 After coming to this world, I can usually reliably memorize people’s faces, but for people I don’t feel like remembering, I’ll forget as usual.
 Anyway, it’s no good to just ignore him, so I go up to him.
 “Young Master, please eat here if you don’t mind! Of course, the slave girls too!”
 With a wide grin, the middle-aged owner brings us to the eating area behind the stall.
 While we’re here, might as well eat.
 I smell meat dishes after all, and this shop is quite friendly to the beastgirls for once.
 “What were you thinking, yelling like that— Oh, customers?”
 “Yeah, didn’t I say? They were the demi-human girls who saved my life in the dungeon, and the young master who treated us well in the jail.”
 “You mean your dream where you got to eat meat in a jail cell?”
 “It wasn’t a dream!”
 A chubby middle-aged woman comes, holding buckets of water.
 Judging by the conversation, she is probably the female store owner.
 “Well alright. Thank you so much for saving my husband’s life. Whatever you want is on the house today, so go ahead and stuff yourselves!”
 “Whoo~ nano desu!”
 “We are grateful for your kindness.”
 Hearing all that, Pochi and Tama quite literally pump their arms in joy.
 “My, what a polite slave. So are you a so-called knowledge slave?” 
 “No, my job is mainly labor. It’s because the knowledge slave who taught me 「Shiga Kingdom」 language spoke politely.”
 Liza calmly speaks with nostalgia.
 After adoring Liza’s rare expression, I scan the eating area. Probably because they haven’t opened, there is no one else besides us.
 With the owner couple’s permission, I let the slave girls sit on the chairs.
 The female owner look conflicted at first, but probably recalling that they were the male owner’s savior, she changes her attitude and agrees.
 Still, she expresses concern that other customers might object and start trouble, so we find a spot shielded by a divider and order our food.
 “Here, thanks for waiting. This is made from fresh red deer innards, which we got from a butcher we know.”
 The male owner proudly declares, setting the bowls of innard stew in front of everyone. In addition, he drops a large steaming basket of sweet potatoes in the center of the table.
 Other than organs, the innard stew was also cooked with deer sinew, greenish fava-like beans, and some shelled gingko-like nuts. The darkish threads are probably gobou, right?
 Seeing the plates full of meat, Pochi and Tama make their eyes sparkle.
 Even for Liza with her serious expression, her tail slapping the ground reveals her excitement.
 “Alright, start eating before it gets cold.”
 Arisa and Lulu say “itadakimasu” before starting to eat. Lulu seems to have been taught by Arisa.
 After graduating I often ate at resaurants, so I haven’t taught the beastgirls to say things like “itadakimasu” or “gochisousama”.
 Things like washing their hands before eating and using utensils to eat, though, I did in fact teach them.
 “Hot hot, nano desu.”
 “*Hahu hahu*~?”
 Having started impatiently, Pochi and Tama have their eyes upturned, nearly scalded by the hot food.
 “You have to blow on it like ‘fuu—’, then eat when it’s colder.”
 “Yes nano desu!”
 Hearing me teach Pochi and Tama how to blow on their food, Arisa covers her mouth and looks down.
 My 「Enhanced Hearing」 skill catches Arisa mumbling to herself, “Are you trying to ‘moe’ me to death?” but I do my best to ignore that.
 “Tasty tasty~?”
 “Delicious no desu!”
 Pochi and Tama are holding their forks like rackets and stuffing their face like puppies. Their hair is going to get into the food, so I tie them up with ribbons. Everyone else is looking with envy, so I also give them ribbons.
 Of course, they have also started to eat.
 Liza stabs a piece of meat with her fork and sends it into her mouth deliberately. She’s only eating, but gives an impression of performing some sort of ritual.
 Arisa and Lulu don’t say a word, not because they dislike the food but that they can’t do so while chowing down.
 Arisa’s movements are graceful, but probably due to the excellent taste, her dainty cheeks are puffed up. That squirrel-like determined behavior is quite cute.
 While Lulu is being more reserved, she is nonetheless eating as fast as she can.
  “Truly delectable.”
 “Chewy chewy~?”
 “This is a nice and firm part no desu!”
 Hearing Liza’s praise of the innard stew, Pochi and Tama also try to describe their impression with their limited vocabulary.
 Even Arisa and Lulu, with hands over their mouths, are nodding in agreement.
 Well, that’s enough of watching them eat, so shall I?
 As I have already thoroughly enjoyed the smell, I put a spoonful of the soup directly into my mouth.
 Hm, it’s a little too salty, but undoubtedly delicious.
 There are many laborers in this area, so that’s probably why it is flavored this way.
 Although innard stew does contain a variety of tastes, it may also turn out too gamey for some. But either due to meticulous preparation or the special selection of spices, this stew does not taste that way at all.
 “Sir, how does it taste?”
 “Mmm, it won’t lose to food inside the citadel.”
 “You’re patronizing me!”
 The male owner scratches his nose and laughs to hide his bashfulness.
 Probably quite happy about the praises, he soon comes back with additional dishes.
 “Young master, if you don’t mind, how about giving this a try?”
 With that said, the male owner serves up a plate of stir-fried intestines with leek and other spices, or the so-called tetchan.
 The plate in his other hand is full of grilled slices of heart and liver. The serving is a little smaller though.
 “This is quite the feast!”
 “Yeah, enjoy it while it’s hot!”
 “Recently, hunters are bringing in quite a lot of game! All of a sudden, this stuff became quite affordable so don’t be reserved!”
 Fortunately, the 「Meteor Showers」 doesn’t seem to have caused the population of game animals to decline. As for why it is actually increasing, I hope it’s not the sign of some vicious monsters appearing in the mountains.
 Well, that doesn’t matter for now. Since the female owner said so, I’ll enjoy this as best as I can.
 Lulu seems to be too shy to reach for it, so I put some in a small dish and pass it to her.
 Then, I am inadvertently led to do the same for everyone.

   >>> Skill obtained: 「Service」

 I got a strange skill, but I don’t plan on adding skill points to it.
 Everything in the large plate is delicious, but the liver is especially good. Though food poisoning is scary, I do kinda want to try this raw.
 Pochi and Tama are ecstatic about the new types of meat, and after quickly finishing the ones in their small plate, they start going for the intestine stir-fry.
 “So spicy.”
 “S-, spicy stuff no desu.”
 As soon as both of them take their first bites, they twist their faces, unable to handle the spiciness.
 Of this were a manga, their eyes would be represented with X’s.
 It is quite spicy, but not for me who is used to eating super spicy food. It’s actually rather troublesome when I can’t enjoy it if it doesn’t make my mouth go numb.
 “Looks like it’s stir-fried with lots of ground chili pepper. Pochi, Tama, don’t force yourself if you can’t handle the heat. Let me take care of this.”
 While being considerate for Pochi and Tama, Liza doesn’t stop sending the intestine stir-fry into her mouth.
 On the other hand, having already finished their innard stew, Pochi and Tama can only bit on their forks and enviously watch Liza eat.
 Perhaps sympathizing with them, Arisa gives her portion of liver to Pochi and Tama. It might also be that she isn’t used to eating liver, but the two of them are nonetheless so excited they get up on their chairs.
 Since not only Arisa and Lulu but also the beastgirls look like they’re not quite satisfied, I shall go order more food from the owners.
 “Goshujin-sama, please allow me to go in your place. Just say the word.”
 “No, it’s fine. I’m just ordering more food, as well as buying some jackets and shoes for Arisa and Lulu from nearby stalls.”
 “I-, I can go buy those!”
 Both Lulu and Liza stand up.
 On the other hand, Pochi and Tama pause in the middle of chowing down on liver, and merely look up.
 “Just keep eating, all of you. That’s an ‘order’!”
 I could buy jackets after we finish eating, but I can’t focus on eating while Lulu’s chest is nearly visible while sitting across from me. Though Arisa next to her is also completely exposing her flat chest, I feel nothing.
 “What is it, sir?”
 “Yes, I would like some more innards stew.”
 “Alright, leave it to me!”
 It’s a little rude to ask for more when we are being treated, so while the male owner goes to prepare the food, I give the female owner several 「Large Coppers」 as payment.
 I also ask her if I can bring in food from other stalls, and she quickly agrees.
 When the female owner leaves to attend to take-out customers, I request the male owner to recommend good chicken kebabs from around here.
 “If it’s chicken kebabs, the stall with a red flag is quite nice. Other stores don’t take as much care in food prep.”
 According to the owner, other stores dice and grill the chicken without any care.
 Thanking his advice, I head toward the red flag store.
 There is no sweet chili sauce flavor, only salted kebabs, but the alluring fragrance of grilled chicken makes me try one on the spot.
 It is freshly grilled with charcoal. With just one bite, the juicy taste of the chicken fills my mouth.
 It’s not too salty, as it is not marinated with table salt but rock salt.
 —Ahh, I need a cold beer to go with this.
 After highly praising the taste of the kebab to the owner, I buy all thirty kebabs fresh off the grill and return to where everyone is waiting.
 On the way back, I sense some lights coming from a nearby alley, and I turn to look at it.
 Numerous pairs of dim lights shine in the dark alley.
 Before my eyes adjust, the AR display reveals the true form of those lights.
 Apparently, they are Dogkin slave children. There are also some Catkin children mixed among them.
 As I take a step closer, the lights begin rustling as if panicked.
 Taking another step, I finally see their figures in the shadow of the alley.
 They look similar to dogs standing up on their hind legs. Almost like the cute mascots you might see in sunday morning children’s shows. I can’t imagine why anyone would mistreat them...
 They’re eyes are locked onto the half-eaten kebab in my hand.
 A few of them even have their eyes closed, trying to enjoy the fragrance.
 “Want this?”
 “...I-, iz it hine?”
 The Dogkin child answers with a slur. Seems like due to a different mouth structure, they can’t speak the Shiga language quite clearly.
 I slowly nod in response, while handing over all the leaf-wrapped kebabs I just bought.
 “Don’t fight over this, you have to share.”
 After waving the children thanking in unison goodbye, I return to the store with the red flag once again. I really have to bring back what I buy this time.
 While waiting for a new batch of chicken kebabs, I go around to buy the jackets and sandals I promised Arisa and Lulu.
 The chicken kebabs are well-received, as even Arisa and also Lulu are delighted.
 Liza is even moved to tears.
 “So full~?”
 “I’m filled with happiness nano desu!”
 Finishing every last drop of the stew, Pochi and Tama sigh satisfied. Of course, so are the other three. Especially Liza, who is silently reveling in the aftertaste.
 After thanking the owners couple for such delicious food, I take everyone back to the inn.


 “Welcome— Satou-san?!”
 Arriving at the Gateside Inn, we are greeted by Martha-chan’s energetic voice.
 She even forgets to pick up the tray she dropped, and runs over to give me a hug in joy.
 Pushing aside the curiously onlooking customers, the Madam comes out.
 “I heard from Lady Mariantell, what a disaster! I’ve kept your room the way it is, so you can rest whenever… You sure brought many people with you, though!”
 “Yes, without these children, I wouldn’t have come back from the dungeon alive.”
 Arisa and Lulu joined only after leaving the dungeon, but it’s a hassle to explain in detail, so it was omitted. “Dungeon?” whispers Arisa from behind me. I’ll tell her about it later.
 “Then, I want to also get a room for these kids, so do you have empty rooms?”
 “Sorry, but we don’t...”
 Hearing the Madam’s vague response, I see the owner inside, glaring with his arms crossed.
 Not just the owner, the rubbernecking patrons are also giving the beastgirls death stares, while they exchange insulting whispers under their breaths.
 This kind of cowardly bullying is infuriating.
 I move Pochi and Tama behind me to shelter them from the glares.
 —Should we look for another place to stay?
 It’s already late, so let’s just have Arisa and Lulu sleep in the room, while I camp outside at a nearby park with the beastgirls. Even if it’s out in the open, it can’t be worse than the cold stone floor inside the dungeon.
 “Martha-chan, take these girls to my room. Madam, what do I owe you for two? I’ll go camp outside with the others.”
 My self-control just isn’t that good, as I am unable to avoid speaking in an aggressive tone.
 Just as indignation makes my hands tremble with rage, they are covered by a pair of tiny hands— it’s Arisa.
 “Goshujin-sama, please quell your anger. Everyone else, too, has been glaring at us so much, we’re shaking in fear.”
 Arisa steps in front of me and says to the Madam and the patrons behind her.
 She says she’s afraid, yet her un-childlike voice is fully composed.
 “Ma’am, could we borrow a corner of your storehouse or the stable if it is convenient? These children saved many humans inside the dungeon. Proper rewards and punishment might apply only to the army, but couldn’t you do something for these children’s good deeds?”
 “Oh, um… the storehouse is out of the question, but not many of our customers have their own carriages, so you can use the stable. Martha, go get that ready. As for Satou-san’s room, I will get someone to add another bed, so please wait in the tavern for now.”
 Perhaps convinced by the young Arisa, the Madam quickly agrees to let the beastgirls stay in the stable. The partrons’ animosity also dissipates, and they return to their seats a little dejected.
 “Was I of any help at all?”
 “Yeah, you really helped.”
 Patting the head of Arisa who looks up with pride, I thank her sincerely.

 When Marcha-chan guides us to the stable, I start lining the floor with fresh hay.
 At first a little reluctant, but with a 「Silver Coin」 as the incentive, Martha-chan agrees to let us use as much hay as we want. In that case, I won’t hesitate at all.
 I cover the pile of hay with a waterproof tent, then a layer of soft bed sheets. This way, they wouldn’t be constantly poked by the hay while sleeping.
 When I made the hay mattress, I obtained the 「Sewing」 skill for some reason. This came out of nowhere, but it seems to be quite applicable, so I’ll deem myself lucky.
 I also leave several sheets of fur and soft cloth from the among the loot for them to use as cover.
 Let’s buy some warmer blankets tomorrow— Er, I should look for another place to lodge, actually.
 “So puffy~?”
 “It’s like the castle bed nano desu!”
 Pochi and Tama happily tackle the bed of hay.
 I give the bag of food and weapons to Liza, who is watching over the two with gratification.
 Though slaves are forbidden to carry weapons within the city, but the slave trader Nidoren tells me that I can let them do so under the pretence of “guarding their master’s possessions”.
 “If anyone comes looking for trouble, neutralize them without killing as best as you can. If you holler for me, I will quickly come for you.”
 “Yes, I will definitely protect what goshujin-sama entrusted me with my life.”
 “The three of you take priority, Liza, so remember to put your own safety first. It’s fine to abandon everything in an emergency.”
 I advise the dutiful Liza who has her fist raised. Lost goods can just be purchased again, so their lives and dignity are more important.
 There is also food among the deposited items, which I of course permit them to eat whenever they are hungry.
 If I get up late tomorrow, I wouldn’t want these kids to starve!

 After the additional bed is prepared, I take Arisa and Lulu into the now crowded room.
 Making a bed for the beastgirls took more time than I expected, so the both of them have gotten sleepy. Hmm, Lulu looks more exhausted than sleepy, as her face is a bit pale.
 I was planning on questioning why Arisa knows Japanese before going to bed, but there’s no hurry, so it can wait until tomorrow.
 “Let’s go to bed.”
 The only light source is the candle on the stand, so the room is quite dim.
 Seeing me take off my jacket, Lulu rushes over to receive it, and hang it on the wooden hanger on the wall. Noticing that she wants to keep helping me take of my robe, I politely turn her down.
 “That’s enough. Take care of yourself.”
 “...Ye-, yes!”
 Lulu’s quietness surprises me a little, so I look over to her. As soon as she matches my eyes, she tries to back away but trips on the bed frame and falls back.
 “You alright?”
 “I-, I’m, I’m alright! I’m really alright!”
 I want to give her a hand, but she quickly refuses.
 Lulu is probably not used to interacting with men.
 —No, precisely because it is a man she is meeting for the first time, such an reaction is no surprise.
 “That so? Then, go get ready.”
 I tell them to get ready to sleep, but the two of them seem to have misunderstood.
 Just so I don’t inadvertantly peek in on them changing, I turn around to fold up the robe I took off. It was not until the sound of clothes rustling stops, and Arisa reports, “We’re ready.” that I turn back.
 —Why are they naked?
 With the help of the 「Pokerface」 skill, I hide my inner agitation.
 Do these girls sleep naked? Do they?!
 “You two. The blankets here are very thin, so you’ll catch a cold if you fully undress.”
 Doing my best to keep calm, I urge them to get dressed.
 I think nothing of Arisa’s undeveloped body, but Lulu’s splendid figure you might only see on television nearly takes my breath away. I kinda hate myself for this.
 I don’t intend to court Lulu right now, but it wouldn’t do if I let on any sign of arousal, and be marked as someone with that kind of preference.
 So I overcome my compulsions with willpower, keeping my eyes away from Lulu’s not insignificant chest.
 Before this leads to sexual harassment, I better go visit Seiryuu City’s red light district.
 I look fifteen years old right now, but thankfully that seems to be old enough in this country, so I shouldn’t be turned away from the red light district.
 To the two naked girls, I once again urge them to get dressed.
 “The polo shirts I gave you earlier, wear them as pajamas.”
 “Uh, um, what about service...”
 Having excitedly grabbed the blankets on the bed, Arisa now asks blankly.
 For slaves in this world, you don’t mean to say nightly services are the standard?
 “No, no need. I’ll have you go buy some things tomorrow morning, so get some sleep now.”
 “—No need?!”

 Rather than replying to the baffled Arisa, I choose to first comfort Lulu who begins to tear up after hearing my words.
 I cover up Lulu with a blanket, then hand her a handkerchief.
 Presenting herself to a older man— albeit one who looks the same age as her— she had just met, even as a slave, must be quite painful. When she relaxed, it made sense that she would start crying.
 If they were both older, my resolve would be under a huge pressure. But I have no desire to sexually harass teen girls, so I patiently explain, “I will never require any nightly services from you.”
 Since Lulu can’t quite handle men, so while I wipe her tears away, I give Arisa the job of actually comforting Lulu.
 Seeing those two like this, I really can’t tell who’s supposed to be the older sister.
 Lulu finally cries herself to sleep after a while, and Arisa with her. I cover them with thin blankets and the same pelts I gave the beastgirls. They should be quite warm the whole night.
 The way Arisa seems to be puffing her cheeks in dissatisfaction despite having her eyes closed must be my imagination…
 Putting that aside for now, I’m also quite exhausted. Getting into my bed, I quickly become sleepy. After turning off the 「Menu」 that was still being displayed with my thought, I enter dreamland.


 Then we jump straight back to the beginning.
 —Odd, I don’t remember lying on the same bed as Arisa.
 Running my hand through Arisa’s hair, I enjoy its silkiness..
 The smiling ticklish Arisa can’t be any cuter.
 —Her features are well-defined, but since when did I develop an interest in little girls?
 Arisa giggles, as she runs a finger across my chest.
 Her white fingers look quite alluring.
 As if I have a split personality, while accepting Arisa’s advances, I question my judgement with doubt.
 The former seems to take precedence, as the latter is always quickly brushed aside. But it does not go away completely, resurfacing any time doubt begins to form.

 By the time this mental tug-of-war is over, Arisa is already making her way down my body, kissing my ears, collarbone, and chest in sequence.
 Reciprocating Arisa’s skinship, I start caressing her neck while desire forms in my mind.
 It makes no sense to feel that way for a little girl! There is just no way.
 My blurry mind becomes a little clearer. I open the 「Menu」 with my thought, and turn on the 「Log」 display.
 —There it is in the 「Log」!
 Slowly raising my torso, I bring up Arisa with my hands under her arms, and hug her tight with my face resting besides her neck.
 Though her reaction seems a bit flustered, Arisa still lovingly embraces my head.
 I softly yet clearly whisper the “order” into her ear.
 “Arisa, you’re forbidden from using any magic or skills. That’s an order!”
 Arisa lets go, looking at me with a twisted face of bewilderment.
 Taking the chance, I continue my orders.
 “Then I order you! Immediately cancel any active effects of your magic or skills!”
 The order seems to be carried out quickly, as the logs show that the effect of the magic has been cancelled. The information displayed by the AR also continually changes.
 Just in case, I have raised the 「Mind Magic Resistance」 skill that appeared in the log to the highest level. There were also skills like 「Nightvision」 and 「Mind Magic」, but they’re not important right now.
 “But how...”
 “Shouldn’t I be the one asking? You’re controlling me with your 「Mind Magic」, to what end?”
 That’s right, including at the entrance of the inn and just now, she used magic twice.
 The incident at the entrance could be condoned. The two spells she used were 「Calm Field」 and 「Ennui Field」— probably meant to neutralize any animosity against the beastgirls.
 However, what she just casted on me were the three spells 「Charm Person」, 「Temptation Field」, and 「Heat Heart」.
 I know she clearly intends to seduce me, then control me as she likes.
 In shock after realizing Arisa knew Japanese, I neglected the fact that according to the AR display, her skills were 「Unknown」— exactly, not 「None」 but 「Unknown」.
 “...What 「Mind Magic」 are you talking about?”
 “Don’t take me for a fool or play dumb. This is an order, state your goal.”
 I cut off her escape and press on.

   >>> Skill obtained 「Interrogation」.

 Nice, just in time. I distribute skill points and enable it. Let’s get it up to Level 5 or so.
 “I’ll say it again: truthfully state your goal.”
 “...Because I want to serve goshujin-sama!”
 Perhaps no longer resisting, she answers a little peeved.
 That graceful impression before has completely died away.
 “No idea what you’re saying. Be more specific.”
 “Man! Didn’t I say? The first time I saw you, it was love at first sight!”
 —What?! Love at first sight?
 The unexpected phrase freezes me in place, and I miss the chance to press on.
 “That fine silky black hair! That defenseless look! That non-western boyish face! That slender torso! Those hairless smooth limbs! If only someone like that can become my husband! The boy of my dreams had become my master, but says he doesn’t need my services! I can’t allow that! That’s why I used magic! So goshujin-sama fall for me!”
 Not letting the chance go, she reveals it all in rapid succession— it feels like she has given up.
 “And after I fall for you, you plan on brainwashing me?”
 “No! That’s not it! I made a vow when I became your slave, ‘Whether it is day or night, I will strive to serve you right!’ So seducing goshujin-sama and satisfying you is my responsibility as a slave!”
 What’s with that logic?
 Disturbingly, she doesn’t seem to be lying.
 Slaves can’t disobey their master’s “orders” after all.
 “I get your logic. But what did you really think?”
 “I was waiting for goshujin-sama to come attack me, but you really fell asleep... I had no choice but to sneak onto the bed, and when I saw goshujin-sama’s sleeping face I couldn’t stop myself.”
 She does a ‘teehee’ with a bashful face. It’s pissing me off, so I pinch her cheeks. This amount of punishment wouldn’t be too much right?
 “It ’urts, it ’urts! ’Urting me can wait until my ’irst time~”
 Her thin cheeks are actually quite stretchy.
 It’s kinda fun, but I stop after Arisa’s tears start to gather.
 “To think I tried so hard to hold myself back in the beginning~”
 “So you attacked because you lost to your desires?”
 “Yeah.” She nodds.
 “Seriously, who really are you...”
 The AR displays the following—

   「Satou’s Slave」
   「Witch of Doom」
   「Insane Princess」
   「Mind Magic」
   「Self Status」
   「Status Check」
   「Hide Skill」
   「Never Give Up」
   「Over Boost」

 —Wow, all skills I haven't seen before.
 Arisa answers my question with a teasing tone.
 “I am Tachibana Arisa, a Japanese just like you!”


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