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Death March 2-0 (Side Story) w/ TLN

Volume 2 Bonus Side Story: « Tama’s Favorite Food »

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「Setting: During the dungeon incident in Volume 1, Tama’s POV」

 “Apply the ointment quickly—”
 The human man who isn’t goshujin-sama orders.
 A very gentle voice. Unlike goshujin-sama’s yelling.
 He said to use the clee~in cloth to wipe where it hurts, but it’s a waste. The cloth will get dirty wiping Tama. (She just can’t pronounce the word correctly.)
 But, since it’s an order, there'll be a beating if it's not followed.
 Hate pain. So, use the corners to wipe little by little.
 Water is also clee~in. Smells nice like the water in a rainy-day barrel. So very thirsty, but can’t drink without 「Permission」. Because, Tama is a slave.
 Liza says to spread the sticky stuff in the white jars on my wounds.
 “Would it hurt when I do it?” After asking that, got scolded, “Hush, just do it”.
 Liza says if goshujin-sama gets mad we would be left behind here and looks like she might cry. First time seeing Liza look like that.
 Tama also thinks this place feels weird, and wants to leave quickly.
 So, spread the sticky stuff on my wounds. Keep going even if it hurts. Because, Tama doesn’t want to be left behind.
 Secretly lick the sticky stuff on my hand, but it’s bitter!


 The man gives us each three good-smelling squares.
 Smells so good. Like autumn? It’s the same smell like when going on errands to the rich people streets.
 Human kids at the rich people streets would kick and punch, but it smelled good so it was fun.
 Try smelling the square, and it feels wonderful. Ah, my belly has the grumblies.
 Want to try licking, but there’ll be a scolding licking without permission.
 This must be food, so if eaten without permission there’ll be a beating. Dogkin kid snuck a bite of “Jerky” and was beaten senseless. So Tama won’t eat.
 The man tilts his head confused.
 What is it? Tama will also try to tilt her head. Don’t get it at all.
 “Go ahead and eat.”
 —Huh? It’s fine?
 It’s fine to eat this good smelling square? Really?
 Look over to Pochi. Her hands are shaking like crazy. Look her in the eyes. Pochi doesn’t know what to do either.
 Both look over to Liza together.
 Liza is also shocked with wide-open mouth and eyes. Ask “Can we eat?” with our eyes, she nods “Yes”.
 It’s fine to eat!
 Bite down on the square.
 What is this? What’s this? What is it? No idea! But, amazing!
 Pochi must be the same too. Because, Pochi’s tail is whipping around.
 Yeah, this is “Sweet”! Back then, Bearkin Onee-san told me.
 The square in my mouth melts away little by little.
 Oh no! If it melts in my mouth, it can melt in my hands.
 The “Sweet” and “Tasty” will go away!
 Eat them all quickly with Pochi.
 Then, it’s all gone in a blink. Because there is square powder on my hands, so licking them is Sweet too.
 Liza is still eating one by one. Unless, it won’t melt in my hand?
 Pochi makes an “Ahh~” face. Pochi must be thinking the same thing.
 “You two, finished eating already? ...It can’t be helped, then.”
 While still licking, Liza breaks her last square in two for Pochi and Tama.
 Pochi says “Liza, thank you nano desu!” then starts eating big bites.
 But, Liza is bigger, is it okay not to eat?
 “Is it fine~?”
 “It’s fine, I can move even if I’m a little hungry. It’s more worrisome if Pochi and Tama can’t move.”
 Can’t let Liza worry. Tama will also eat her square.
 Sweet and tasty. Tama is sure nothing that is more tastier than this.


 Oh meow, stars in my eyes!
 Can’t stand anymore and drop to the ground.
 Tama worked hard. So, good enough right?
 Eyelids are heavy. Can’t move anymore even if there’s kicking and punching.
 “Rather than a break, let’s take a good rest.”
 ...The new goshujin-sama is so gentle.
 Gave us clee~in water, and sweet squares too. Praised Tama when Tama picked up rocks, and protected us when it’s dangerous.
 Tama is— yeah, happy. Back then, Jaguar Onee-san said so when she had the baby.
(Not Jaguarkin, but Jaguar. Could be someone from the Jaguar Head Tribe.)
 There’s a smell in front.
 Smells good. Go *sniff, sniff* to smell it. Tama knows this. It’s the smell of meat.
 New never-tasted taste in my mouth. Could it be, meat?
 No strength to even open my eyes, but bite down on the thin thing in my mouth.
 More tasty than sweet squares. Strength came back a little.
 Open my eyes, and *goshujin-sama* is feeding Tama meat with a kind smile.
 Liza and Pochi are also enjoying it.
 Tama also eat with my own hands.
 Not just goshujin-sama, Liza and Pochi are also smiling. First time seeing Liza smile like that.
 Meat is very tasty. Not sweet but still tasty. Don’t know how to say it. Just tasty.
 Chew and chew and deliciousness in my mouth. Delicious and happy.
 —Yeah, this is the taste of happy.
 Tama is full of happiness.
 Work hard with Liza and Pochi for goshujin-sama from now on.
 Because, Tama belongs with goshujin-sama.
(Throughout this entire chapter my heart just melted)


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