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Death March 1-3 w/o TLN

Chapter 3: 【A Walk in the City】

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>> Satou here. Whenever I earned enough money working part-time as a student, I would go traveling with my girlfriend or my group of friends. The few times I traveled abroad, I realized each time how good I had it in Japan. In terms of sanitation and service, I have not seen a country that surpasses Japan. <<

As I stretch myself, I look around the town full of sights foreign to me.
I hadn't noticed this since I was brought straight to the office, but there is a semi-circular plaza separating the gate and the buildings. Is it to prevent congestion? Or is it for times of war? No idea.
It appears to be a stone city that I might see in movies or western 3D games.
The people walking around are also dressed in clothing that might have come from a game's design documentation, the men in tunics, and the women in old-fashioned dresses.
The wealth gap is quite large, as I can see women wearing patched-up dresses a size too short, and men in soiled shirts and thigh-length shorts. I redirect my attention to the buildings.
Almost every building visible is a two-story stone house, but it seems like other materials like wood and bricks are also used in the construction.
On the other side of the row of roofs, tower-like structures are poking out.
There are vanes on the top of those towers, so are they windmills?
Since my knowledge comes only from games and novels, I don't know for sure. I will be staying in this city for a while anyways, so let's take a look later!
Extending to the barely visible inner wall, the street in front of me is six meters wide. On the other side of the inner wall, there's probably the lord's castle.
Seems like 「Seiryuu City」 is a fortress larger than I imagined.
Still, what an amazing sight! As I am a game developer, it's impossible to contain my excitement in light of such a fantastical scenery.
But did I really dream up this view?
Such doubt lingers in my mind. I have zero talent for tracing out a realistic town like this, so if it really were my dream, it should be more tacky and bland.
Suppose this truly is a dream, it probably belongs to someone else. The person who made this dream must really like games, so I hope this world isn't one that depletes my SAN stat.
But my train of thought is interrupted by a soft sensation grabbing my arm.
“You there! You just came through the gate right? Right? I saw you looking around, so come to our inn if you haven’t found a place to stay!
I’ll give you a discount, 'kay~”
“Wh-, what...”
“Come on, come on, it’s not cheaper than the other places, but there are clean beds and delicious food cooked with love!”
I hurriedly close the map, and a cute brown-eyed girl occupies my view.
Braided and tied with a ribbon. Her brunette hair has been tied into a modified side-ponytail. I can't see her clothing clearly due to our proximity, but I can tell that she is a middle school-aged girl. Thirteen years old as the AR reveals.
Although, judging from the pressure on my arm, she seems to have a formidable chest that belies her age.
This overly cheery girl is hugging my arm tight, forcefully pulling me along. Speaking of pulling customers from the street, in modern-day Japan, that’s something you would only see at college fairs.
As I enjoy the lovely sensation on my arm, I am led into what seems to be a tavern. Coming in from the road outside, it’s feel much dimmer inside. Judging by the sign I saw while entering the store, this place is the 「Gateside Inn」 I planned to visit.
“Mom! Mom! I brought a customer!”
“Hey, you're being too forceful. Don't trouble our customers!” As she advises her daughter, a wide-set auntie walks out from the kitchen into the bar.
Well, I wasn't going to reject the soft sensation on my arm or complain about her forceful sales tactic.
Yup, softness is justice!
In contrast to her stern warning, the auntie exerts beauty from head to toe. About thirty-something? Calling her auntie seems too harsh. Let's go with Madam.
Next to Madam’s face, the AR displays information that confirms my estimate. It truly is a game-like dream. The data shown is similar to the 「Yamato Stone」 before, yet the items are somewhat different. More details are displayed actually.
As the girl’s mother, she's beautiful as expected, but why so chubby!
Ten, no, twenty kilograms lighter and she would be my type. Being married is a deal breaker though, since affairs only make everyone miserable, so no need to dwell on it!
“Huh? Doesn’t look like you're carrying luggage, are you really a customer?”
“Due to yesterday’s ‘Starfall’, my horse ran away with my luggage...
Fortunately, I had my coin purse with me, so I could enter the town!”
“How disastrous! A room here is one 「Large Copper」 per day! If you are willing to stay at the large bunk it’s two 「Coppers」. If you eat at the tavern, you’ll get a side dish for free. That’s a special for our hotel guests only.”
Hmm, I don’t know how things work here, but if I ask to pay ten days in advance, I can figure out the exchange rate between the 「Large Copper」 and 「Silver Coins」.
The madam has the 「Calculation skill」, so she shouldn't make a mistake.
“Then let me pay for ten nights in advance.”
“Alright, that's exactly two 「Silvers」!”
I take out two 「Silver Coins」 from my pocket and hand it to the madam. Seems like five 「Large Coppers」 is one 「Silver」. It might just be me, but the madam should have said “I’ll give you a one 「Copper」 discount!” as a favor or something.
Aight, I got a place to stay, and now I really want something to eat! I only had an energy bar yesterday, and I'm a bit famished.
“Madam, could I get some food? I would like something simple.”
“If you could wait two hours, I can bring out hot meals. The kitchen is closed, so there's only ready-made quiche and some side dishes.”
Quiche is it? I haven't had any since that time at the diner last month! For a fantastical European-styled town, I was wondering if I would see rye bread and stew, but I seem to be mistaken.
“Then, please give me that.”
“Okay, I'll get that for you, please wait here. Martha, have our customer register in the guestbook.”
The madam goes into the kitchen, and in place of her, Martha-chan darts in, holding a rope-bound notepad seen in historical dramas. I couldn’t see it before, but Martha-chan is wearing a white button-up shirt, a light orange skirt, and a brown corset supporting her breasts, while her shoes are soft leather slippers.
“Alrighty~ okyaku-san, I’ll write so please tell me your name.”
“I'm Satou.”
“Satou-san, is it? Please tell me your profession and age~” I nearly tell her that I'm a twenty-nine-year-old programmer before catching myself. My character status says fifteen after all, and the identification also shows that age. “「Traveling Merchant」, fifteen.”
“Huh?! You're older? I thought we were the same age!”
Martha-chan is very shocked, but continues to scribble on the pad, which seems to be made of papyrus.
While registering, she didn't ask for my identification.
Having finished writing, Martha-chan seems to want to chat, just as the madam steps out of the kitchen holding dishes of food.
“Thanks for waiting, the side dish is on the house!”
Might be my imagination, but the madam purposely cuts between me and Martha-chan, and puts down each dish on the table.
What I see is a fan-shaped slice of quiche cut in halves and a small dish of pickled Chinese cabbages. The quiche is nice and solid. The utensil is a wooden fork.
I give her a 「Copper Coin」 in exchange. I feel like I’m paying a ten-yen coin.
Right, anyway, enough about that, I’ve waiting a whole day for some proper food, so bon appetit!
The main course is a solid quiche made with a lot of potatoes. Decorating it are mushrooms and a leaf vegetable that looks like spinach, as well as some red stuff that might be onion?
The food is cold, but it’s more delicious than I imagined. It would be great if there’s some jerky, but asking too much of someone giving me food isn't right.
“Mom’s quiche tastes even better right out of the oven!”
“Martha, did you clean the room of the coward merchants who left this morning?”
“Sorry, not yet.”
“Then get to it!”
“Okay~! Bye, okyaku-san.”
Martha-chan says, then proceeds to go upstairs to clean.
Who are the coward merchants?
“Oh, they’re the group who left this morning, after seeing yesterday’s
‘Starfall’ and saying ‘The Demon King is fighting the dragons at 「Dragon’s
Did I affect your business? My bad.
Wait, actually, there’s a keyword I'm concerned about.
“So the Demon King exists?”
“Well, existed. It’s been sixty or seventy years since the Hero defeated it, but I haven't heard anything about its revival in any country.”
So be it, the Demon King, and the Hero.
Good thing it has been defeated. If this were a game, it would probably revive as soon as the main character triggers an event.
It’s better if I don’t dig deeper.
“Actually, for more than six hundred years since the 「Shiga Kingdom」 was founded, no Demon King has ever appeared in 「Seiryuu City」 or anywhere in the County! If the Demon King does attack, it will likely show up near 「Dungeon City」. It’s on the other side of the kingdom so no need to worry!”
Um, if this were a game, that would be the flag for a Demon King attack!
“To tell the truth, wyverns are more of a threat in this city. Not just the children, even young men in the fields and transport carriages could be snatched away! The army is strong, so 「Seiryuu City」 is quite safe, but those outside the gates work on the fields all worried, wondering whether a wyvern will attack!” This place is scarier than I expected!
“Wait, could a dragon attack this city?”
“Don’t you know the legends? Dragons are very lazy! They’re always sleeping in 「Dragon’s Canyon」, and rarely leave there. The last time was two years ago, and the time before that was way before I was born. When the black dragon came two years ago, the goats and sheep were all eaten, it was very tragic!”
She only mentioned livestock because people didn’t get hurt right?
I want to chat more, but the madam is needed in the kitchen.
Before I finish the rest of the quiche, let’s try the vegetable in the side dish!
The pickled vegetable side dish isn't Chinese cabbage, but a different kind of cabbage.
The color is white-ish so I mistook it, but it tastes like sauerkraut that I’ve had before at a German beer store.
That’s diced parsley on top probably.
According to Martha-chan who is now coming down from second floor, if I mix that in it won't taste too sour.
Wait did you already finish cleaning? It hasn’t even been ten minutes you know?
As I eat, I ask Martha, who doesn't seem to be very busy, about where to buy everyday items.
I do have the 「Map」, so I know where stores are, but information is important.
“Huh? Everyday items? If you need those, there are some open-air shops on the east side, you can get them there! If it's only a few things, you can have the maid here buy them.”
“Thanks for the offer, but I want to buy some clothing and underwear, so I will go myself.”
Sending the maid to run errands feels like a luxury, which sounds nice, but to allow some stranger buy underwear for me makes me cringe.
“Hmm~ if you want second-hand clothing, 「Eastern Boulevard」 has stalls that sell it!”
“Second hand is a little...”
“If you want brand new clothes, there’s a store on 「Central Boulevard」
that can tailor, it’s the best, but also very expensive.”
“I don't need a tailor, aren’t there new ready-made clothes?” “Ready-made? Ahh, you mean clothing made ahead of time? You’re so young, but you use some hard words. You can buy those on 「Tepta
Boulevard」, but it’s a little pricey!”
「Tepta Boulevard」? I search for it on the 「Map」. Seems like it's some distance from here, but I’ll mark it on the 「Map」 for now.
“Thanks, after going around the stalls, I will head to 「Tepta Boulevard」 for a look!”
“Oh right! Let me show you around! Mom! There aren't a lot of customers today, can I go?”
Ooh, show me around? How nice!
To have a local guide for shopping at the open-air market, it’s quite exciting.
Even though the madam warned over and over for us to come back before prep for dinner starts, she let us go in the end.
Though I am a customer, for her to let her daughter go out alone with a strange man, seems a little careless— No, I don’t like to admit it, but she might have thought that I'm the harmless type. Yeah, that’s more likely.
In high school, girls I was friends with always told me: “Suzuki is a nice guy!”
No, I have to stop opening up old wounds.
Martha-chan brings me to 「East Boulevard」, where there are various stalls lined up along a five hundred-meter wide area. Each store only about half a *jou*. Is it my imagination? There is a slight smell of soy sauce.
“A lot of stores are closed!”
“Ah~ That section sells food or produce from nearby villages, so they’re closed past noon.”
Apparently the stores that sell food will show up at several different places around sundown.
The stores selling clothes are at the back of the area, so I head in that direction while browsing the other stores with Martha, seems like not all stores that sell foodstuff are closed.
Next to Martha-chan who's checking out sculpted wooden hairpins, I notice an old woman talking to an old man at the next stall, so I listened in with   「Enhanced Hearing」.
“How much for three 「Gabo Berries」?”
“Three for two 「Micros」.”
“So much, they're only worth one no?”
“Lady, I’ll lose money at that price, how about four for two 「Micro Coins」?”
“Five for two Micros.”
“Alright, since lady is a beauty, let’s go with that!”
Haggling is necessary, huh. I’m used to buying things at label price, so haggling feels like a pain. By the way, the 「Gabo Berry」 is a fist-sized root vegetable that looks like a pumpkin dyed red.
The odd name 「Micro Coin」 intrigued me, so I take one out from 「Storage」 for a look, and it turns out to be a rusted, square brass coin weighing about a gram.
Martha-chan shows me a hairpin with a waterfowl-design on her hair.
“How is it? Look good?”
“Yeah, very much!”
“How does it compare to this one?”
Hehehe, I knew she would ask that!
I trained for this in college! I know that in such an occasion, telling it straight is no good. Instead, I have to choose the one that the girl likes more, based on her own reaction.
Otherwise, it'll take forever to shop.
“I think the turquoise one is better, it suits Martha’s hair more.”
“Really, you think so?”
“Then it’s yours for just three 「Coppers」!”
Maybe the store owner thought we would buy it, and he immediately announces the price.
“Sorry, I'll buy it during the harvest festival later this year, my pocket money isn't enough right now.”
Oh? I thought she would ask me to pay for it, looks like Martha-chan is a humble one. Due to my ex-girlfriend’s training in college, I was going to buy it for her regardless.
I want to try haggling anyway, might as well do it as thanks for being my guide.
“Can you sell for one 「Copper」?”
“That won't even pay for labor. Two Coppers at least.”
When I started negotiating the price, Martha-chan probably thought it was unfair for me to pay, so she pulls my sleeve and says meekly: “No, it’s fine...”, but I stop her with a wave. Judging by the exchange rates I’ve seen so far, five 「Micro」 should be one 「Copper」, and five 「Coppers」 should equal one 「Large Copper」. “One 「Copper」 and two 「Micros」.”
“I want one 「Copper」 and four.”
“One 「Copper」 and three 「Micros」, okay?”
“Fine, sold.”
I take out the exact change from my pocket to pay. Receiving the hairpin, I affix it on Martha's hair. It feels kinda like going to Summer Festivals with the kids of my relatives.

>>> Skill obtained 「Haggling」
>>> Skill obtained 「Evaluation」
>>> Skill obtained 「Negotiation」

Thanks to the successful haggle, I gained a lot of skills. They seem very convenient, so I add skill points and enable them.
“Ehehe, thanks, Satou-san.”
“It’s nothing, just a sign of gratitude for being my guide.” I should butter her up with compliments right now, if I wanted to court her. I merely politely answer the abashed Martha, since I'm no lolicon, I’ll hold back for now, not crossing the line.
By the effect of the now-enabled 「Evaluation」 skill, when I look at an item, the AR will display the market price, showing a range of two to four  「Coppers」, which is probably the typical price.
Anyway, there sure are a lot of kids working!
“What's going on, Satou-san?”
“Oh, I was thinking that there a lot of kids.”
“They’re servants and house maids.”
“Eh~ They’re quite diligent for kids.”
“Huh? Isn't it common?”
With an incredulous expression that seems to be sincere, Martha-chan stares at me who feels respect for the kids. You mean people start working this young?
Oh, oh! There they are!
Between the gaps of the crowd, I spot some cat ears twitching.
Definitely beastkin!
Most of the beastkin are on the west side, so I haven’t seen any of them!
Sound of scolding comes, forcefully cutting off my excitement.
“How dirty, don't come to the east side with that savage appearance.” A young man in a tunic kicks the Dog Ear kid unsteadily carrying a large burden.
The 「Dog Ear Tribe」 girl falls to the ground, dropping the lumber she was carrying all over the place.
Her ears drooping low, she fearfully looks at the man who kicked her. The 「Cat Ear Tribe」 girl together with her immediately runs over, desperately apologizing.
“What did these kids do?”
“Wha?! Are these your slaves?! Tie them down and keep them in the west side!”
How unlike me, to intervene without thinking. But seeing the catkin girl apologize, it was impossible for me to stand by.
Seriously, I was worried about how to deal with this, but thankfully the man leaves without another word.
I pick up the lumber that the 「Dog Ear Tribe」 girl dropped.
“Gi-, give back, give back.”
Did they think I was going to take the lumber? The 「Dog Ear Tribe」 and the 「Cat Ear Tribe」 girls look up at me. 「The Dog Ear Tribe」 girl seems to be too afraid to say “Give it back”, stuttering like a broken record. I tie up the lumber with a rope in my backpack before returning it to them.
“You two alright?”
“We’re fine, nano desu.”
“I see, there are a lot of people on the main road, so be careful!” After sending off the two who keeps thanking me, turning around, I see Martha-chan standing there with a gentle expression.
“What is it?”
“Well, you were so kind to the beastkin...”
Hmm? They were really cute no?
Although they do need some makeup and a bath, I think they will turn out to be very pretty.
“In this city, are beastkin hated?”
“Yeah, I heard that hunters and villagers who came to sell produce were often murdered by beastkin back in the day.”
You mean they're like bandits or savages?
“Ah, look there.”
Changing the topic, Martha-chan finds something interesting, and pulls me that way. I stop pondering, and follow her lead. There are small animals being sold in cages.
The seller is a man wearing a leather vest who appears to be a hunter. He is carrying a small axe on his waist.
Speaking of which, there aren’t many people on the street who are carrying swords. The only people that do are ones who look like guards or gang members. Outside of that, people at most only carry tools as long as short swords in their belt.
Since swords are surprisingly heavy, if it’s carried on the belt, it will pull down clothes, and cause shoulder aches.
“Hey, they’re cute!”
“They look delicious no?”
Martha-chan’s opinion of the caged animals and mine, are apples to oranges.
Probably embarrassed to have put her appetite first, Martha-chan fakes a cough with an “Ahem” and pulls me to the next stall by my arm.
Looks like she want to pretend that nothing happened.
Before getting to the clothing section, I bought a mug, a comb, soap, a chew stick and so on. A chew stick is made from the dried root of some plant, and I have to chew on that before rinsing my teeth, since there isn't anything like toothbrushes or dental floss.
I also didn't see any glass products, only items processed from quartz or other jewels.
I think I've learned how to shop here.
For some reason, if I start at the market price, people don't seem to respond well. At the third store or so I begin to catch on. Starting the negotiation with at half of the market value, then work towards it after three or four calls works nicely. I’m okay with doing this occasionally, but it’s too much of a hassle.
There is a group of people gathered at a square in the middle of the 「East Boulevard」.
“O the faithful men and women of 「Seiryuu City」! The Demon King will revive soon! You all saw it! That ‘Starfall’, is definitely the harbinger of chaos! Come, those who are faithful, it is nigh time to come to the valiant 「Zaikuuon Temple」!”
Dressed in holy robes, a thirty-something arrogant-looking obese man is barking out his sermon. The crowd listening lost interest in the middle and dispersed.
“What’s going on there?”
“That’s the 「Chief Priest」 of 「Zaikuuon」. Seems like he’s working hard because his congregants are decreasing.”
“Hmm~ did he do something?”
“No, they decreased because he couldn't do anything.”
I am completely lost, and sensing my confusion, Martha-chan adds on.
“Thing is, among the clergy at 「Zaikuuon Temple」, there aren’t any who can use 「Holy Magic」. If you want to contribute to a temple, it’s better to choose ones that can heal your injuries like 「Parion」 and
I see, so it’s pettiness, or maybe utilitarianism. Unlike normal religions, ones with real-world benefits are bound to gather believers. The fat 「Chief Priest」 is so desperate, he starts pulling on the people leaving. The regular priests are trying to stop him, and to avoid getting involved, I walk past them and leave.
The clothing sector not only has stores that sell second-hand clothes, but also numerous ones that patch up and adjust clothing. I find a stall hidden among the second-hand stores that actually sells new items, so I purchase some underwear.
It was also selling towels, so I tried to pick some out that’s made of good material. They turn out to be all made of two layers of cloth sewn together, so I was a bit miffed.
But it’s troublesome not to have any towels, so I buy ones of different sizes.
Compared to food or lodging, textile is a little more pricey.
“Look, Satou-san. It’s a dragon mask!”
Martha-chan puts on one of the masks displayed at a stall. It’s a carved wooden mask. Various other masks are also being sold, like an expressionless silver one, a white one, and so on.
“These masks, they're worn during the harvest festival! The silver one was very popular last year.”
Oh~ I pick up a silver mask, which seems to be fastened with a rope. “What do you think, young man? It’s a dragon mask that stands for safety and prosperity!”
The lady at the stall tells me about the mask. She’s the twentysomething female store owner. She’s wearing a V-neck, so I don't know where to look. She’s definitely not my type, nor is she that beautiful, but my eyes are drawn there by instinct.
To divert my own attention, I ask about the wigs sold next to the masks.
“Is this worn with the dragon mask?”
“The dragon mask is only for people playing the dragon. The black wig is for those playing the hero, while the blond one is for the one
playing the hero's servant or the princess!”
Oh, I see, it’s a festival with various role-playing.
In the end, following her advice, I bought the silver mask and the blond wig.

There are several stores that sell clothing on 「Tepta Boulevard」. First, in the store for travelers, I buy a waterproof cape with a hood that can protect me from the weather. I also purchase several sets of shorts and shirts that look well-made.
For shoes I pick out a pair of sturdy, waterproof traveling shoes that matches my robe, as well as a pair of sandals.
For sandals, the popular style is one that is affixed by Ancient Greek style knots, but I want something I can wear indoors, so I ask for a custom pair from the shoe-maker in the store.
While I wait for the shoes to be ready, I discover a bag that looks very similar to my 「Garage Bag」.
I eagerly check the market price thinking I hit jackpot, but it seems to be a regular leather bag, which disappoints me.
But, seems like I can use it as a substitute for the 「Garage Bag」, so I buy it. The color of the leather and the hems are a little different, but as long as they're not compared side by side it should be okay.
I kinda bought too much. It’s hard to carry everything.
“Excuse me, while I am shopping, may I leave some things here?”
“Yes, of course! If you wish, we can also deliver to your residence, how about it?”
“Ah, please do. Address it to “Satou” at the 「Gateside Inn」.” Fortunately since I bought a lot, they aren’t charging for delivery.
Their service is really good!
Perhaps the child of the store, a boy about ten years old takes the clothes from the clerk and goes to deliver it.
I pick out street clothes in the next store.
Even though what I'm wearing now are top-notch magical items, looking at the clothes people wear and those in stores, it's a bit out of style.
“How about this robe? It makes you look imposing!”
“A little too big I think.”
“In that case, how is this waistcoat?”
For a while now, the two twenty-something female clerks have been trying to sell me more expensive than suitable items. Is it a honeypot? They’ve been pushing their bodies against me, which I do like, but their perfume is too strong, so my enjoyment of it is halved.
“Hey, hey, Satou-san, doesn’t this waistcoat fit better?”
“Yeah, that’s good! But the orange lining looks ridiculous.”
“That will fall off in two or three years, so it's fine!”
Two or three years? I question that in my head, but maybe that's normal in this country.
Outside of jackets and suits, I basically buy new clothing every season.
Waistcoats are essentially form-fitting shirts with a high waist.
The waistcoats at 「Seiryuu City」 have openings going from elbow height to the shoulder, letting people see inside. There are various styles, with the opening going only to the shoulders or to the torso.
Judging from what I’ve seen on the way here, it seems to be clothing for playboys.
“This one is in this year’s trendiest color!”
“That’s right, I strongly recommend this color!”
The shirt the clerks are recommending costs about three times more than the clothes Martha-chan showed me. There is no label, so I used the 「Evaluation」 skill, which can’t make a mistake.
Other than the strange shoulder decorations, it's in an awfully paired green and pink, so I firmly reject it.
Yeah, let’s give up on this store.
I ignore the grumbling clerks, and head to the next store.
Two stores over, there is a shop displaying some fashionable robes, so I decide to check it out.
Rather than men’s clothing, the store is actually selling proper clothing fit for merchants.
“Hmm~ everything looks expensive, but also very pretty!”
“Yeah, they’re also very well-made, looks like a good store.” “Thank you very much. They’re nothing compared to the Yuriha fiber robe okyaku-sama is wearing, yet I am still confident that my products are the best among ready-made clothing.”
The young male store owner confidently makes his pitch. Well, I would buy it even without the talk.
“If you want to have something custom-made, my parents run a men’s clothing store on 「Central Boulevard」, and I’m sure once you pay a visit, you will find products suitable to your tastes.”
Hmm~ Both the generations are in the same business but each has their own store? Perhaps he has the talent for it, or maybe he’s apprenticing at another store.
I buy a fashionable robe in white with silver embroidering, as well as a merchant-style dark-brown robe at this store. There is also no charge for delivery. It really reminds me of the forest-related internet retailer.
I did get to buy everything I wanted, but I am really curious about the tailor in 「Central Boulevard」, so I decide to see it with Martha-chan.
Immediately upon entering, a kind-looking middle-aged couple welcomes us.
Unlike the stores that sell readymade clothing, this store doesn’t have many products on display. Only five sample designs and cloths are laid out on some platforms and there are two sets of tables for consultations that takes up half the store.
“Excuse me, I am looking for a sturdy, merchant-like robe in conservative colors.”
“Welcome, please have a seat, I will bring you the cloth samples. The five designs on display there are recent best-sellers.”
The man guides me to the conference table, and goes into the back for samples.
Without missing a beat, the woman serves us black tea.
Sitting straight up next to me, Martha-chan, for once, has become a meek kitten, quietly drinking her tea.
“Since it’s going to become colder, how about this thicker material? If you are going to travel, we can also make a waterproof jacket that
matches the robe, would you like that?”
Their work is really something, probably.
I’m the kind of guy who buys multiple colors of the same style at clothing stores like “Ounishiro”, so I ordered the five best selling designs and their corresponding jackets. It will take five days to complete everything.
Eight 「Gold」 is a significantly high price, but I do have a lot of unearned capital, so I make the purchase without question.
“Amazing, Satou-san. Merchants sure are rich!”
“A merchant’s clothing is like a knight’s weapon and armor. Being stingy about it is no good.”
Somehow I sound like an OL who lives by group dates.
In reality, when I go check out the high-class sector on the other side of the inner wall, if I don't dress according to the TPO, it wouldn't feel right.
By the way, the magical robe I'm wearing now, its market price is about one hundred 「Gold Coins」, so like in most games, magical items have significantly higher prices.
The tailored clothes will be delivered to my place after they’re done, but the rough stitches will be complete in three days, so in order to make proper adjustments, I will have to come in again. The store owner couple sees us off.
Even the street we’re on, everything is cleaner than the European fantasy town I had in mind.
No animal droppings on the ground, nor any homeless people in the alleys.
There is even sewage with stone covers running along the streets. Though such things should be a given inside a game, if this were not a dream but another world, I think that compared to the level of civilization, the concept of sanitation is quite advanced.
Unlike the 「Eastern Boulevard」, open-air shops are sparse on the 「Central Boulevard」, and instead there are many regular stores lined up.
The people walking around also look better dressed.
There is a man selling candy on the way home, so Martha-chan and I buy some. It isn't overly hard candy, but a stick with caramel-colored molasses on one end, and it seems to be called malt candy.
As I suck on the candy walking down the road, I watch the people and carriages scurrying about.
The main source of mobility comes from horses and people, so does that mean it's not convenient to use magic as a replacement for machinery?
Anyway, most of the people pulling carts are wearing collars.
“Are collars fashionable?”
“Huh? Ah, they’re slaves! Enslaving collars are only put on slaves that resist or criminals, while normal slaves wear regular collars to indicate their status.”
With candy in her mouth, Martha-chan answers me.
I see, so that’s why.
One of the carriages pass in front of us. Perhaps due to the crowd, the carriage slows down to a fast walking pace. I see about a dozen female slaves with collars riding on the wagon.
I check out one of them.
The girl, who looks exhausted from the long journey, has black hair and black eyes, a ‘Yamato Nadeshiko’ type of Japanese face. Among so many European faces, it’s the first time I see an Asian one.
Since that girl is looking down, there is no dramatic development after our eyes meet or anything, but I do trade looks with the fully European young girl with light purple flowing locks.
For some reason, the girl is staring this way completely astounded.
Stop, I feel uncomfortable if you look at me so passionately like that...
I’m sorry, I don’t have a thing for lolis.
After looking at the little girl for some time, her name and level pops up next to her.
「Arisa」, 「Level 10」. A high level for a little girl.
More data is added.
「11 years old」.
『Titles: 「The Witch who Doomed the Kingdom」, 「The Insane Princess」』
『Skills: Unknown』
At this time, the carriage turns the corner, and disappears into 「Western Boulevard」.
The titles’ clearly asking for trouble... No, I will not go near her. Absolutely not!
“Welcome back, Martha-san.”
Having returned to the 「Gateside Inn」, we are greeted by a primary school-aged girl.
I thought she was Martha-chan’s little sister at first, but a little sister wouldn’t call her “Martha-san”. Is she the young maid I heard about before?
“I’m back, Yuni. This is Satou-san, our guest starting today!”
“I welcome your return, Satou-sama. Your luggage has been moved to your room.”
“Oh, thank you, it was hard carrying all that luggage, wasn’t it?” As I say that, I pat Yuni’s head. She’s so young, but she’s a lot more polite than Martha.
I don't know if it's customary to give tips here, but I give her a 「Micro Coin」 as the luggage fee. Martha-chan is saying “How nice”, so the amount is probably fine.
“Oh right! Martha-san, it was amazing!”
“What was it?”
“There were some carriages transporting meat!”
“Meat? Um, you don't mean wyvern meat?”
Yuni-chan excitedly goes up to Martha-chan with her hands flailing, but Martha-chan only frowned in distaste.
“Yeah! It was soo~ big, it had to be carried on many carriages!” Yuni stands up on tiptoes when she says “Soo~”, and her arms shake trying to reach upwards to convey the height, and when she says “Big” she spreads out her arms to the side to show width.
What’s with this girl, so cute.
That’s probably the wyvern cut up by the army that arrived right?
“Is wyvern meat that exciting?”
“Yes, since after the soldiers defeat a wyvern, Count-sama will give the meat to our orphanage! It’s meat! Meat! Ah, I haven't had any for months~”
In response, Yuni answered my question like a child from Showa Period.
“But, I don't like how wyvern meat tastes. 「Western Boulevard」 smells because of that...”
In a fortress city like this, not everyone gets to eat meat. The difference in her reaction and Martha-chan’s, must be the difference between the classes that do get meat and those that don’t,
“Anyways, look, Yuni. Isn’t it cute?”
“Wow~ it’s so small and cute!”
Martha-chan stops talking about the wyvern, and showing off the hairpin I bought for her to Yuni-chan, starts up a chatter.
I should probably return to my room, but I want to find out if there's a bathhouse first.
Seeing the high standards of sanitation in this city, I can probably expect a bathhouse with a sauna.
“There’s a public bathhouse inside the citadel, but it’s not for us commoners. Only the nobles and those rich enough to have a house inside can use it.”
Ugh, so close, yet so far? You need social status to take a bath!
Feudal society, I won’t give up easily.
“Bummer! Then where do you go to wash yourselves, Martha-chan?”
“The well in the back, that’s where we wash! Since it’s colder right now, we wash ourselves about once per decade. It’s easy to get a cold washing outside mid-winter, so we wash inside with heated water when
the time comes, but right now it's too luxurious to do that.”
Ensuring fuel to burn in this fortress city isn't easy right?
Looking at the map, there's only a small stream nearby, so the only source of water is underground
A decade is a unit of ten days, and each month is divided into three: first decade, middle decade, and last decade. They don’t have weeks, nor do they name each day, so a decade is as close as it gets.
As I learn from the idle chatter, new customers come in.
“Hey, Martha, you have empty rooms right?”
“Welcome! Yes, we do!”
The people who came are two middle-aged men dressed like merchants, and a twenty- to thirty-year-old blonde beauty. I signal to Martha-chan who is busy with customers that I am going back to my room, and since I don’t actually know which one, I have Yuni-chan guide me.
The room is small and simple, about four and a half *jou*, and only has a bed, a table, and a chair.
I ask Yuni-chan whether I can wash inside my room, but I was denied because getting the room too humid will make it smell moldy.
Right, makes sense.
All the clothing I bought are all placed on the bed, so I pick out a change of clothing and head down with toiletries.
When I walk out, I see the customers Martha-chan was serving walking into their rooms. The two men share one room, but the woman seems to have her own. So she’s not married to either?
I go through the wooden gate Yuni-chan told me about, and go out the back.
The backyard is about eight *jou*. The well is not far from the door, and it’s not a pump, but an old-school stone well. There are two wooden buckets hanging on the wall, so I take one to get water.
I thought it would be a lot of effort, but perhaps due to my high STR (Strength), I easily pull up the full bucket.
However, there's only a short fence separating the backyard and the alley.
Even if there aren’t many people around, it’s not none, doesn’t it feel weird to wash like this?
I look around, and see a divider near the door.
Aha! Do I use this?
I set the divider where it’s impossible to see from the other end of the alley, and start washing. The divider only goes up to my waist, but it's sufficient to hide the important parts.
I rinse my hair, washing out the the sand and dirt, then use the soap I bought to clean my body. The soap is surprisingly fragrant, and doesn't irritate my skin. Maybe I only feel that way because of my high VIT (Vitality).
I really want shampoo and conditioner, but I make do with soap to wash my hair. There isn’t much foam, but dirt really does come out. I’ve always used shampoo, so this is the first time I wash my hair with soap.
Hearing a squeak behind me, I turn around.
A woman comes through the open back door. It’s the female customer from earlier.
For some reason, we match gazes.
She nods slightly as a greeting, then gets water from the well.
There’s a naked man washing himself right here, yet she’s calmly pulling up her bucket. She’s not hiding embarrassment at all, just plain out ignoring me.
After getting water, the woman slowly sets down her divider, undresses and starts washing.
Is this for real? Aren’t you a little too bold?
Even if there’s a divider between us, even if! Each time she moves, her upper body!
Well, her things, which I guess are about D-cup, are bouncing around and asserting their presence.
Her hand is covering the front, but they still get defenselessly exposed sometimes…
Wait no, I’m not a DT anymore, I need to pull back my awestruck face, and go back to washing myself.
O my energetic lower half, control yourself!
I peek at the woman’s face, and she’s making a calm face with a hint of a smirk!
Wow, mature women are quite something!!
...The age I see on the AR is smaller than mine.
Alright, I got an eyeful, but loitering around after I finished washing could be mistaken for having criminal intent, so let’s go!
I quickly dry myself with a towel… Where do I dump the water? Are there even sewers here?
“Just dump the water under the tree over there, sewage seems to run under it.”
Perhaps noticing my uneasiness, the woman tells me. After thanking her, I dump the water and go back to my room.
I snuck a look when I turned around, but don’t judge me, it’s a man’s instincts.
Back in my room, I change into the brown robe I just bought.
I already put on underwear when I washed, so I just wear the robe.
And now I realize that I forgot to buy socks.
I don’t like my feet all moist, so I change into straw sandals. They’re comfortable as expected.
I always wear flip-flops at work, so wearing shoes for too long feels weird.
A good smell is coming from downstairs, it’s probably time for dinner right?
Let’s go to the bathroom before dinner, which is not in each room, but a shared bathroom.
Rather than a squatting toilet, the bathroom here is actually more like an old-school outhouse. I never saw one before, even at my grandfather's in the country, so it feels fantastical in a sense.
I feel no joy about this though.
After doing my business I look for toilet paper, which of course doesn’t exist. Thinking there would be paper like what was used for the guestbook, I was a little hopeful, but is it too much to ask for after all?
I discover a pile of hay within hand's reach after looking around.
I have to use that?
Seems like my butt will feel uncomfortable after, so I rip up one of the towels I bought and use that. It’s a little wasteful, but now’s not the time to be frugal.
Even though I experienced a strange culture shock, I was able to wipe myself clean, so I won’t complain.
The tavern at ground floor is filled with delicious smells and a cheery atmosphere.
It’s a little dim inside, but several lanterns are hanging from the ceiling and on the pillars, lighting up the place, appropriately fantastical, not bad!
“Ah, Satou-san, I was wondering whether I should go get you!” Martha-chan, holding a tray while scurrying back and forth between tables, notices me, and brings me to an empty seat.
“Thanks. I’ll have whatever you recommend for dinner.”
“Today, there was a hunter who brought in a large boar, so I recommend pork chop. A bit pricy, but you ought to try it!”
“Oh! It’s really the best! Bro, you won't regret eating it ya know?”
The large number of customers is probably due to the pork.
Even without the drunk patron’s recommendation, my belly is already craving for pork chops.
“Then, I would like the pork chops and a vegetable dish.”
“What do you want to drink?”
“Tea or juice, or milk if you don’t have those.”
“Huh? We only have water and hard beverages!”
Oh right, this is a tavern after all! It would be bad if I get bellyaches from untreated water though!
“Then, please give me something light and smooth.”
“Is watered-down cider okay? If you are okay with something more expensive, mead and wine are both pretty good diluted.”
Is cider brewed with apple juice? Just like wine, it can easily go sour if you’re not careful!
The mead that would often appear in fantasy works, is brewed from honey.
Speaking of which, I don't think I’ve ever had it.
“Please give me mead.”
“Sure thing~ Then, please wait a bit! It will be ready soon~” Martha-chan gracefully dodges the hands of the drunk patrons reaching for her butt, and heads to the kitchen to deliver my order.
Trying to put their hands on the butt of a middle-school-aged girl, are they all lolicons?
While waiting for my food, I look around.
Men wearing merchant robes or nice tunics are merrily enjoying the meat, and drinking a beer-like foamy alcohol, is that ale?
I realize that there’s something strange about the patrons. Huh? What is it? It's not much different from a tavern scene in a fantasy film at first glance.
Right! Tobacco!
There are no ashtrays on the tables, nor smoke drifting around. At most, there’s only the steam from hot food.
Now that I think about it, I didn't see anyone smoking cigarettes or pipes when I shopped.
Are cigarettes uncommon in this country?
It’s a friendly country for someone like me who despises smoking, but for a chain smoker like Fat Guy, he probably wouldn't last three days.
Martha-chan comes back with the steamy, hot pork chop on a tray.
“Thanks for waiting~”
“Looks delicious!”
I'm not just being polite, it really looks delicious. This meal alone is the same price as three days’ worth of lodging.
In the main dish, the pork chop is diced into small pieces, served with a white blob that seems to be mashed potatoes.
There is fried garlic and dried basil on top of the pork chop, bringing out the appetizing fragrance of the pork.
Next to it is a bowl full of what appears to be consommé. On the bottom of the soup there are orange, red, green, and yellow vegetables diced into one-centimeter cubes. Since the colors are so carefully picked, I think the taste is also worth it.
Mead fills a mug made of baked clay.
Finally, there’s a basket of rye bread sliced into two-centimeter pieces. I can taste the fantasy fiction classic at last, o great rye bread!
“Enjoy while it's hot~”
Maybe I looked interesting surveying the food with my eyes, Martha-chan informs me with a cheery voice before going back to work.
Alright, shall we try the soup?
Dipping the slightly too big spoon into the bowl, I feel some resistance, suggesting the soup was thickened.
Picking up the vegetables that are not overcooked, I put the spoon in my mouth.
The soup itself, as its appearance suggests, is similar to consommé. The content is fully cooked, and didn't show any resistance when I bite down, spreading the sweet taste of vegetables in my mouth. Perhaps because the soup was thickened, my belly warms up after swallowing it. It’s probably a winter favorite. Then, next up is the main course pork chop.
I put a piece in my mouth with the fork, and unlike the pork I’ve had before, the taste isn't as strong. Not very fat and a bit gamey, and as I chew, a wild impactful flavor nothing like pork spreads in my mouth.
Before the pork is gone from my mouth, I take a bite of the rye bread. A bit tough, but not as hard as everyone says. Even the crunch from chewing it feels nice.
It tastes a bit sour, but by eating it with meat, when I swallow, it mixes with the sweetness of the meat, creating an unbearably luscious taste. It’s so good that I keep eating without pause.
Everything is so tasty. There is a lot of good food in this country, which makes me glad. A gourmet tour of the Shiga Kingdom, sounds quite exciting.
Finishing the five hundred gram or so pork chop, I take a sip of the mead, a honey-colored alcohol that I had totally forgotten about. I was expecting a thick honey-like texture, likely because it was diluted, it is smooth and easy to down. It’s not the poor-quality alcohol I expected it to be.
As I down the mead as if to lick it all clean, Martha-chan comes by.
“Ahh, have you finished?”
“Yeah, it was delicious!”
“If you still have room, how about some bone-in meat or cartilage to go with the mead?”
Hmm, I can still eat more, why not?
“Ah yes, please do. Another cup of mead too.”
“Sure thing~ Just one moment!”
Watching Martha-chan leave, I enjoy the mead while looking around, and discover the beauty I saw by the well before standing at the entrance looking troubled, without a place to go.
The tavern had already become full, and she seems to be looking for a seat. Or maybe she’s looking for the merchants she came in with.
Noticing me, she smiles and comes to my table.
“May I sit across from you?”
“Please, go ahead.”
Rejecting a beauty who wants to sit across from me is impossible. Recalling what happened at the well just now is a little awkward, but I try to keep a straight face.
>>> Obtained skill 「Pokerface」
The message appears in the corner of my sight, and as if trying to break some record, I add points to it.
Martha, who has now noticed her sitting down, comes over to take the order. When she was looking for a seat, Martha-chan was in the kitchen with my order and didn’t see her.
“Let’s see, I don’t really want meat. Vegetable soup and bread is fine, and ale, please.”
“Alright, it will be ready soon.”
Martha’s sales pitch of the pork is ineffective to the woman, who seems to be a vegetarian, so she goes back to the kitchen bummed.
“There aren’t many guests lodging, but the tavern looks packed.”
“Yeah, the food is delicious, I can see why they're busy!”
“Ehehe~, thanks. I’ll tell dad about it later!”
Here to deliver the vegetable soup, rye bread, and ale that the beauty ordered, Martha-chan makes a sheepish grin at my compliment, though the cook is her father.
“Satou-san’s order will be ready in a moment, so have this, and please wait”
Martha, saying that it’s on the house, puts down a plate of the sauerkraut-like pickled vegetable I had at lunch on the table. The beauty says “I’ll go ahead” and starts eating. She slowly submerges the rye bread in the vegetable soup, and spooning the soup from above.
Ahh, is that how it’s eaten?
“Sorry, I was being rude. I just didn’t know how rye bread is usually eaten, so I couldn’t help it.”
So I can’t conceal my line of sight even with 「Pokerface」?
“It’s fine. So are you from the Capital or the Duchy?”
“No, I come from a faraway country.”
Does the staple food differ from place to place?
And I know what a Capital is, but what’s a Duchy?
“Do they not eat rye bread in the Capital or the Duchy?”
“Well, the commoners eat rye bread, but the nobles and wealthy merchants at the Capital all eat white bread. As for the Duchy, the staple food there is a grain called rice, and they don’t seem to eat much bread.” Ooh~ There are also places that eat rice?
Let's check it out when I crave for rice! I normally eat too much junk food and ramen, and don't really have rice that much.
Right, should I ask about the Principality?
As she bites down on the rye bread softened by the soup, I asked her about it.
“It’s the territory of “Duke Ooyugock”. It’s supposedly the first capital
when 「Shiga Kingdom」 was founded.”
“Whoa~ An ancient city? I want to go see.”
“Yeah, it’s next to a river, so it’s probably a beautiful place!”
Hoho, sounds good! The night sky reflected upon the river, that will definitely be an amazing sight.
“Satou-san, thanks for waiting~”
“Ooh, smells great!”
On the plate with a wavy pattern, there are five pieces of bone-in meat lined up.
Are these ribs? Looking at the other patrons eating, looks like I have to hold one and bite the meat off the bones. Looks like my hands and face will definitely be covered by grease. I pull out a handkerchief bought with my clothes on the table.
I am sitting across from a beauty, so doing my best to avoid drooling, I take a bite.
It likely isn’t cooked in a pressure pot, but the meat is easily separated from the bone. Looking at the other patrons struggling, maybe Martha-chan chose the good parts for me.
Wiping my fingers on my handkerchief, I take a drink of the mead, oh yeah, that’s the stuff.
I see the beauty’s throat gulp down.
I wasn’t staring on purpose, since I only noticed because my wandering eyes landed on her collarbone.
Don’t tell me, she’s not vegetarian, but didn't order meat only because she couldn’t afford it?
“If you don't mind, want to try one?”
I try to make the offer, and after her face brightens up in delight, she hesitates for a bit, but in the end, her reservation beaten by her appetite, she takes a piece, murmuring “Well, if you say so.”
Despite being a graceful beauty, when she starts on the rib, she gorges it all silently, and it pleases me to see her enjoy it.
The way she licked the grease off of her fingers afterwards is very alluring.
Since she doesn’t seem to have a handkerchief, I quietly slide mine laying on the table her way. She takes it after thanking me, and wipes her fingers.
Doesn’t look like that was enough, so I offer her more meat while we chat.
She was born here in 「Seiryuu City」, married a merchant, lived at the Capital until recently, and when her husband passed away, she returned home.
The merchants who came in with her were her husband’s acquaintances, who let her come back to 「Seiryuu City」 with the caravans.
We talk about various topics like this.
I asked for more food and alcohol from Martha, and enjoyed listening to her stories about the Capital.
Right, what now.
As we drank, I listened to her stories about the Capital and the journey from there to 「Seiryuu City」, but I made two miscalculations. Due to my high level, my body seems to be able to take a lot of alcohol. So even though I was a little tipsy, I sobered up easily. The 「Skills」 tab somehow had the new addition 「Alcohol Resistance」. Probably because it was only diluted mead, I didn’t get any drinking related title.
The other miscalculation, well, the beauty drinking with me, is now blacked out drunk on the table.
If this were a college get-together, it would be a great opportunity to bring her home. But taking advantage of a woman who had just lost her husband isn’t something I do.
When Martha-chan is free, I ask her to guide me to the woman’s room and put her in bed. If I did a princess carry, I wouldn’t be able to go up the narrow stairs, so I hoisted her on my back.
“Satou-san, what a gentleman!”
“This is nothing.”
After Martha-chan compliments me, I say goodnight and return to my room.
The feeling on my back was heavenly.
After putting away my robe in 「Storage」 I tackle the bed.
Whew, this hotel is the best! The food is good, the bed is clean, the employee are cute, the next room over is a beauty. The service was so good I can’t imagine this is a dream.
Even though the bed is so unexpectedly comfortable it make me sleepy, I had too much fun chatting with the beauty earlier, and can't quite fall asleep. Before clocking out, I inadvertently recall everything I have gone through so far in this dream.
—Defeating dragons and lizardmen with 「Meteor Shower」.
I didn’t see the dragons, but the lizardmen appeared so real it would make American animators cry. Even the lizardman language was so detailed, my dream sure was detailed.
—The battle between the army and the wyvern.
The fight between Zena’s peers and the wyvern was so intense it could be used in a fantasy RPG promotional video.
The poor wyvern is probably in Yuni’s stomach by now.
—The streets of 「Seiryuu City」 and its people.
After arriving at 「Seiryuu City」, I was surprised by how realistic the town looked and how varied the way people dressed.
Thinking about it, the clothing that varies based on class and profession, with details like patches and shoe stains, is so colorful and vivid I can't really call it a dream. Really wish Metabo-shi would put that kind of effort into the specs.
—Lastly the dinner just now.
The mead which I had for the first time was delicious, and the pork chop also tasted amazing. To say that they paired excellently with the rye bread I tried, wouldn't be an overstatement. I've never even had meat like that in Japan.
In my dream, is nothing impossible?
Unknown scenery and languages, and even unknown tastes combine into a— huh?
...I was already subconsciously aware, but truthfully, calling this a dream is ridiculous.
When did I start to feel the dissonance?
The realistic town, the appearance and behavior of the people I met, almost nothing is consistent with any stories or games I know of. I’ve also never heard of the 「Chevalier」 title Zena mentioned, which seems to be different from 「Viscount」. Too many things like this 「Chevalier」 matter were beyond the limits of my knowledge. The most obvious examples are the 「Ancient Reptilian」 and 「Shiga」 languages.
Even though I was once young and delusional, I’ve never created a language from scratch. At most, it was only a mishmash of known languages on Earth.
And the food just now.
The quiche at lunch was something I’ve had before, so its taste is within the limits of my imagination, but I didn’t know how mead tasted, and if I can conjure up that juicy pork in my head, I might as well keep staying in dream world.
Therefore, finding out the cause of this situation will be on hold, since there is insufficient data for a meaningful answer. Though I’m not absolutely certain this is not a dream, for the time being, let’s call this a game-like fantasy world!
The plan right now, I think I’ll go with enjoying this world before finding a way home.
Sightseeing comes first, searching for a way back second. Of course, I do want to return to ordinary everyday life, but this extraordinary life is hard to come by. I want to have some fun, for spiritual fuel as a game developer.
As for work, FFL is already released, and WW only needs adjustments. The documentation is all there, so Metabo-shi should be able to do something about it.
I might be fired for going AWOL, but thankfully the seniors who left before owe me. I shouldn’t have any trouble looking for my next job. As for my private life, my girlfriend dumped me long ago, and my parents are quite healthy, living peacefully with my older sister and her husband. My family is very easy-going, so even if they know I’m missing, they wouldn’t worry too much.
My little sister might be angry with me, but she’s a heartless bastard who will cheerfully take my Tokyo apartment all by herself, so she’ll probably calm down once I say I brought back a gift.
On the off chance I can’t return, I probably won’t have any issues in daily life, and only Demon Kings and Gods would pose any threat. If I live modestly, they shouldn’t be bored enough to come make trouble, so let’s enjoy sightseeing!
Spamming 「Meteor Shower」 before was the exact opposite though, and I’m afraid that might have raised the flag for me to become a Great Demon King. With that said, I really do want to avoid committing more genocides like that.
Peace is best after all.


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