Sunday, 29 May 2016

Teaser: I Died and Became a God w/ tln

Prologue: Immortal

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The man died.
(That was quick)

There was a lone figure in the field of flowers, as the man looked around there was nothing in site but the flowers.
As he looked up and noticed that the grey sky he was so familiar with was replaced with pure white.

"Now, unless this is a TV show prank, I am dead aren't I?" said the man.

Before the man appeared a figure warmly glowing.
"You know, you can have more reaction you know? This is the only joy I get from this job." said the figure.

"I am sorry to burst your bubble but my life wasn't that great, so who are you? Jesus? Buddha?" asked the man.

"Nope," replied the figure, "Just your average God judging the dead."

"So how did I do? Am I evil? Am I good?" asked the man.

"You are a special existent, because for every one good deed you did, you have also done one bad deed." God explained.
"You are a true equilibrium, so we are planning to have you go to another world and live your life there for the moment" God continued.

"Can I not? I just want to rest, it sounds like a pain-." replied the man.
(Gets offer to go to another world, DECLINES. WE HAVE A BADASS OVER HERE.)

"Well, sorry to say it wasn't an offer, it was an order. Don't worry you will have a sort of a cheat so you don't die immediately," God interrupted, "and by the looks of it we need to give you a tad bit more so you can't just kill yourself immediately."

"So at least tell me what this world is about." asked the man.

"A world where humans have gone extinct." God answered.
"Have fun~" God jokingly said.

-The man's perspective-

Goddamn that God, who does he think he is, to just send me to another world just because he didn't know what to do.
Wasn't God supposed to be omnipotent or something?
I then noticed an RPG-esque HUD in front of me; Inventory, Stats, Skills, HP, and MP.
I tapped on Stats just to see what kind of "Cheat" he gave me...

Immortal, Infinite Mana, Max Regeneration, Heal [Max], Space Magic [Max], All Elemental Magic [Max], Barrier Magic [Max], and Craft [Max].

Oioioi, isn't this too much of a cheat?
Screw it, if God will condemn me in this world, I will become God himself!

(Okay, I honestly don't get this author's writing style but the plot seems interesting, do tell me if you want me to continue to translate.)


  1. Sounds like a more weird version of Death March. I like so far lol

  2. Sounds more like the web novel "Humans are the strongest race" that one is currently been translated by hachidoritranslations. Interesting, keep going and thanks!

  3. LooooooooL
    Please continue (sit like a child waiting for a oni-san to read a story)
    *spark eyes*