Thursday, 24 March 2016

First Post

Hello Options here!
As some of you may know I use to be co translate and proofread Death March Ln with MiaoMix, but when he went MIA I took this chance to separate and take over while expanding other projects to translate (ofcourse with more people).

Unlike most sites I won't do footnotes, but I will separate the posts into 2 different categories, one with TL notes and one without. 

We leave some funny stuff and informative stuff there so please do check it out.

So that is how I will run this site, and whoever wants to help me and join my Library staff please do contact me via Chatango, or by comments (yes I read those).
We are desperate for more proofreaders 

More Slaves Staffs = Faster Translations


  1. I can read English and be a grammar Nazi!
    Reply if interested.